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Wouldn't you just think thinks that he's a Dick in <hes> in don't look back right. He is terrible intellect back. He's mean to reporters reporters. He's been to Donovan Donovan dressed as a reporter wearing a hat with a label says press in it. I think it's easy to be hard on dylan because he's so lionised he everyone that should have been hard on him. Wasn't your punching up basically yeah. That's right when you punch Bob Dylan my my friend David Reese who food is a world famous anti skeptic who truly believes he's a true believer. He wrote the comic. Get your war on correct but he is of the opinion that the death of Bob Dylan will more than any other popstar be the one that that that the irritates gen-x up no it will it will it will demarcate the change when Dylan dies. Everything thing goes with him generation. That's right so every single publication will have it on the front page. It will be like Lady Diana there except there will be seven million times more critical reappraisal of his catalog and his significant. We've already lost to Beatles. I mean we we have the experience and so that's the argument against this idea of Dylan is well. No Paul McCartney really is the bigger but he says no no no no. We've already already lost you. Beatles McCartney will get you know he'll get a good send off. He will probably outlive ringo at least hard to know though Ringo. Just you know plan just pieces his way through everything we can look younger every time I said what's he doing wrinkle could be I mean Ringo has never exerted himself gleason all playing the drums shitting Edel. If you want to live a long time she played a little tennis or something I mean he's still gets out but I guess Paul. McCartney does too Paul still does three and a half hour shows polls vegetarian balls Mitch and I'm Paul did fewer drugs. Oh well Paul would argue that no he was right there doing the drugs. That's one of the one of the things about Paul is that he he he has very little sense of how it looks when someone praises John Lennon and he has to step in and say well you know we knew due to others that to what does that so who's the last I it depends on who the last Beatles will be like Ringo is the last beadle then you know nobody's GonNa be beating their breasts and putting on sackcloth and ashes. He'll be on the cover of time probably but yeah it's not time will not there's a hostelry concept of time but Paul Circle. I think that's right. That's right time time. We'll be a MOEBIUS. A Strip club Newsweek will be a flat circle. <hes> the the thing about Paul. Is We already know we've already evaluated Paul all away but dylan remains a mystery. He's an enigma he really is. Did you read the story. It wasn't that long ago that he got picked up by the cops in some <hes> in some like New Jersey Beach town like blue collar beach down just because he was walking around late at night in a Hoodie just keeping in windows and the somebody called the cops on this Weirdo and begin grab picked him up and he was like Oh. It's Bob Dylan if he I was just like Oh yeah. I liked to do well on the one hand. I like an old white white person getting arrested just for wearing a Hoodie. It seems only fair sure but also windows wants material music might have been just one of those small towns where the houses are close to the street so you can't help but look in the window of his next album is all like songs from New Jersey living rooms and they watch in American idol but they're watching it on devaux. Although those New Jersey beach towns are like it's like a their blue-collar places springsteen territories called the cops she was like hey bob come over and he's like hey there's going to be this Weirdo on the Kreiner..

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