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In the state of missouri. Okay eric checking out getting a location if they were every license and they like. Hr and point game the on the start us. They're still around argue genius but Anyway they Talk ended giving them an option on the building An efficacy needed it back. Then the votes had cruise on the river and that probably was right across where they have tapped vote for valet parking. So okay. I got to know the void grave. Ben went to help process long story short. They left missouri because the rules were really strict about cruzi on the river. They opened in in kansas city. I ain't they were allowed to licensed by the state and they they wanted yo with bigger market and got a bad location and look like you're going field to get to sinoe so they finally just. There hasn't grabs her back a lot of land that they decide on it. Got back to filming. Barbecue pits about ten years later. A moment dan. That's not time the ratchet run out licenses every you'll back up there and actually went up to jefferson city. They called it. A meeting in the media was originally scheduled for wednesday and they called me the week before. We need you there monday. And a new something and a yet up there. It was basically a kangaroo court. Said we've decided not to take any more licenses wet to now. We're going to cap it at thirteen casinos already. Thirteen and you would be fourteen so your app and so that kind of hurt my feelings jacket to the missouri supreme court. Good for you. i love him. That's that's what my grandfather would do. I would say yes eight auditor over the ballot measure that they used to limit the number licenses. Good for you that time several years past and they already were in saint louis in in kansas city. A loss you had to be on the mississippi river of the missouri river. But what. I wished it was kind of like interstate. Seventy gaming instead. Revoking is i'm down here in southeast missourian. there's no casino around and so anyway. That one of that was up there at to be decommissioned. And they said it can old that that and that and so somehow or another. They decided to make that license. A jump ball as i jumped amazing with fifty other cities so white. There's a fair fight and at the other day. Cape toronto got the license. That's incredible and then you so you built an entire casino myself. I've argued with alex. Okay says then they sold out to eldorado alvarado so out century casino but it's thriving and growing and provide eighty Five hundred jobs doesn't toronto. It's incredible so. Are you still in the casino business or you sold your shares of stock at work. I don't work there. I'm not running the tables. Isn't it worked. They're fantastic so one of the things. I love to talk about his his family in barbecue. Because it's so important. I mean you can't do barbecue without family The pleasure of working with your son. Alex the digital side of of Old hickories improving the website improving the blogs starting to put out youtube content. We're really excited about what you guys are doing. When when did alex start working for the company. And how did that. How did that feel to you. Started working at working for the company. in his early teens like twelve years old in the summer a german and were in fact i was very proud of we attacked in we had the the factory was inside of a room. Here where offices are and he'd been around the beach sleeping in clean and he listened in on the safety meetings and so forth and so we had an emergency. The it was hot hot summer day and the electrical connection to the building blew up and alex ran and got the hornet out. Get out to look at that so so heels. And since those days he's been hanging around and working even on vacation regard family vacations. We'd always stop barbecue places the way we went. Alex has been around long. That's incredible and other family members. A restaurant started out my sister about net new everyday's ever. My dad was involved in sales He likely to go out on. The road is well and then my daughter she's worked here and my son in law worked family has been a part of it. Other families are very important so when you the amount of brands barbecue brands that have their own. Incredible following happy's arthur. Bryant's seventeen street barbecue. They're all using all hickory. Pits is speaking of family. You know to the people that made a big impact on on our barbecue stories. Mike mills and amy mills We've followed them. We've read their content. Read their books. Had the pleasure of interviewing both mike mills and amy mills and fort worth. During the national barbecue association. They had their annual meeting in fort worth texas and we got to interview. Both mike and amy and mike passed away. Can you say a few words about mike mills. I could talk all that Great man and we were arrest rates. It's terrible losing and though we have some memories wonderful moments of that. We did together for barbecue with barbecue around the country..

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