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Forth and there was a protest in the street. In fact, I had to slow down. It took literally about 15 minutes to actually get out of the downtown area where usually takes two or three. Cause there was a protest. I'm going to guess a few 100 people about the warranty gray. In fact, uh, they were all African American. There. Dallas police on bicycles to kind of escort. The protesters knocked on my window. Heck, I rolled the window down to get the brochure. I didn't even know where Tigre was. And I'm I thought I was fairly astute. It's in a Theo Pia, by the way. Sure enough. A few days later, there was something in the newspaper about it. But Last weekend. It took 30 minutes 25 minutes get through downtown Dallas because the biggest protest I have ever seen in downtown Dallas was happening. So I kind of went to the Dallas Morning news the next day to see their coverage because Dealey Plaza was packed. I've never seen a group I've seen were like people that like one of, you know, open carry in Texas. I was there for that protests and there were about I don't know. And 15 people there, and one older gentleman had an American flag on one side, his rifle slung on another, and I just enjoyed the irony of a man with slinging a rifle in Dealey Plaza. In protest. Yeah, I'm thinking maybe that should happen someplace else given the nature of Dealey Plaza, But last week I mean, you get close to Dealey Plaza. You had to stop for people going through the crosswalk in all that cause by the way they were not watching turns out out of nowhere. What? In the Dallas Morning News one in Star Telegram. I went to the TV stations, See if anybody covered it. It was a pro Palestinian rally in downtown Dallas. And it was just breathtaking. How many people showed up for 25 minutes. Get through downtown Dallas. Get on Interstate 30 to go home. I did not find a word of it the media anywhere. And so I left the link. The video of it on the front page My website inside automotive dot com Now I understand a couple days ago. There was a pro Israel pro Palestinian protest up on Preston Road, I think in north Dallas, and that did get some coverage, But maybe because one side was on this way and the other side But I've never seen a protest of that size, get no news coverage. Whatsoever. But in any case, I want you to know that one week it was the warranty Gray, which is Ethiopia, and I was not aware of that. Last week, it was a pro Palestinian deal down in Dealey Plaza. Which simply shock me because of the size of it. But again, there's I didn't see any screaming, yelling carrying on. I did not run over anybody in my car in either case. Even though I was not expecting come on protesters, so I know you can civilly get through it. However, in the future if they'd actually when it says Don't walk across a crosswalk it be nice. If you'd let the cars go But even then Just blew me away. There was no coverage of this whatsoever. Whether you agree with it or not on DNI people wouldn't It's still news. Let's go to niece are in Dallas. Haney. Sorry. I hope I'm saying that right? Yes. Yes, idea, right. The and I just want to make a comment. You said earlier that coroner have it. Opened up Texas and so called them increase in Texas. But you know, Garner said, 100% be open, but I think this will force Commission and now open state comptroller's office not completely open. They just opened. Looks like the open only to collect money. They're not for you Open it to today, but I know off. Yeah, I was talking about the fact that where he said the mask mandates started getting dropped. I think he said that we're gonna do it in schools in the future. But basically he kind of just re opened the state for the amount of people who can have in bars and restaurants. And everybody was saying that we're gonna have happened What happened out in California and the cases were suddenly going to skyrocket again, and none of that happened. You're talking about individual offices down in Austin. So we'll have several officers in the say G'day, but but then also Dallas. Carly, Uh, I think the mayor of Dallas quality or judge, uh, you know, they'll keep that in place. That may help to Yeah, I don't think anybody's kept anything in place because for the most part, I think a lot of people have been ignoring Ah lot of the rules since day one again When this started, I said, Mark my words. It's gonna take four or five years. Once this is long over before anybody puts together all the facts and finally writes up what really took place. But that's all right. I have looked at this in the long run, and I see places that Nobody would follow a mask rule and they didn't have a big outbreak. In other places. They follow the mass grueling did social distance and there were huge outbreaks. I read where if you were six ft away, you were safe from it being in the air. And as you know, about a month ago, a study came out and said Crap, You could be 30 ft. Away. If somebody sneezes, you can pick it up. So that is the confusion has been great, but before it even started, it's like 9 11. We never really knew the whole story for how many years after that. Yeah, Even though we knew the basics. We knew the basics, but it took years to assemble all the fax and give us a cohesive narrative. It was correct about it, and that's what we've done again. So I'm glad it's coming to an end. I'm glad is coming to an end. But to this moment, even though we know the wrong numbers We're not quite sure where everybody had it. Where was the biggest fatalities? We're not really sure of anything other than it was bad. And I'm a guy that likes numbers. Tell me who? What? Where, When and how and if we knew that a front I think we would have been a lot better off the whole time. Yeah, that is true. Yeah, that's true. There you go. Have a good weekend. Okay. Thank you. You could.

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