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School youths in reminisce over so Sylvester Stallone on the steps of the Philadelphia art museum where he ran up the steps right bite is a statue he took a big picture with them and everything yeah yeah very very very cool we couldn't even believe was actually him so some of their father was an impersonator first but anywhere in the hat and he had to switch it on I mean it wasn't like a twenties white shirt but whatever he was shooting I'm assuming it was in the rocky character because he's not a doctor yeah it's got a bit wasn't dressed like a big celebrity right yep got a day so we want to know who has had this not to be that amazing but who's had some sort of celebrity Runnin one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five Joe in Toms River you're in New Jersey one one point five Hey guys how's it going okay you got you appreciate it and that's it what happened he dropped I was looking down I didn't see it hit bling down and I'm not sure exactly your call will now be connected already well dude that sucks we're sorry we did nothing it was your phone now you said nice things to us we put it on for a long long time please will put anybody on a call from Pennsylvania you're on New Jersey one one point five Hey guys okay call or love your show thank you Hey Paul odd to celebrities and that when I was ten I was in North Carolina with my parents were in the airport I had to go to the bathroom and as I'm walking towards the bathroom there's this woman sitting in a wheelchair and his military guy was behind her it was Elizabeth Taylor and I guess she was married to some military guy wanted a husband yeah and it was it was pretty corals I could see with our eyes she said hello this is hello came out my mom says you know need to settle it soon like about it she said I was a little bit like this that are you even know if it's time yeah you're a kid did she have via is supposed to violet yeah that's the thing that caught my attention with her it was beautiful eyes your guys yeah the second one like probably about fifteen years ago I was a that's a swore to New York and not my I brought my son there and he was playing on whatever that the piano that Tom Hanks is famous for yes standing there this other guy right next to me I looked over it's Bruce Willis yeah he said doing today I love your movies I said you're you're a cool guy thanks thanks and then you know I just well I wanted to leave alone he was watching get out watch it might but was doing the same thing that your kid was doing on the piano yeah step it up or piano withers down and see who's Willis is to jam together yeah so that they may be able to look it up in this thank you go that's pretty neat sandy in colts neck you're in New Jersey one one point five hi hi sandy.

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