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Is an equal opportunity employer look brad davis radio show only on the talk of genetic yet 22 minutes after 5 o'clock boy he's up early this morning joe in harlingen joe good morning good morning bordering bradbury darn good europe early i've got a different camp off for the next few weeks out you might hear a little bit more me for better or for worse what's on your mind pages with at government shutdown is it any coincidence that when they announced that nonessential personnel can return to work congress was back in session is no south add up up i was wondering when somebody was going to put that together that's an ivy one in the insults it all would they say not at that essential your job is not essential that must make you feel good you know why you got to be quite honest i took me the government is the only employer in the world that i think keeps nonessential personnel when i was in the military we went through one of these government shutdowns in the nineties and you know they got us all gathering got got the list of essential in nonessential personnel on my first thought in my mind is it why do we even have these guys clean up their own trash bins i mean you know why do we even have nonessential personnel and if you wanna cut government server got got cut government i think that's the very first place to start at the list of all nonessential personnel well i don't think we'll ever safety government out demonstrating out but uh anyway so let's say so you working you working early now yeah armor a different job is it's it's father wage so i got to get an earlier start so in uh you.

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