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ABC radio news I Jackie quit on this Friday August twenty third president trump having wrapped up the trade war with China which dragged down the stock market today we'll spend the weekend in France for the G. seven summit academy is Gus poche with PNC financial says if those terrorists keep piling up it could lead to a global recession exports are a big part of the US economy were tied to the global economy and so this is going to reduce you expect ports in way on economic growth which was already slowing before this the Dow lost more than six hundred points after the president warned of higher tariffs and told US companies with facilities in China to find alternate locations former vice president Joe Biden says the president is becoming quote unhinged because of the economy seems to generate a radic behavior that is almost we were so poor to be comical and Illinois state trooper was killed in a shootout while serving a warrant Nicholas Hopkins was the father of four year old twins and a newborn daughter the Houston area district attorney so she's filed murder charges against Gerald goings an officer who lied to get a drug raid authorized which resulted in the deaths of two occupants goings committed acts clearly dangerous to human life it makes it murder the US Supreme Court says the justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has completed treatment for a tumor of the pancreas it says the tumor was treated definitively and there's no evidence of the disease left Ginsburg's had several bouts with cancer the past twenty years and underwent lung cancer surgery last December that's our Shelley Adler reporting concerns about measles and southern.

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