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Here with us talking about headaches? And now we're going to dive into essential oils. How can essential oils really combat some of those triggers and contributing factors. We've been talking about at least. Absolutely, well, I think one thing to note that's important in my history is one of the biggest reasons that I got into a central oil is coming out of that hole dairy. No acne season learning that what goes in and on my body matters. Is that I was like, okay, I'm ready to get rid of headaches. And at the time, it was more of a free rein on things that you could say like essential oils could do. So you know, I had heard that they could help with headaches. And so I was kind of treating them like a medication with like just like I would with my ibuprofen house. I this medication will help me not have a headache. Sounds like lemme treat essential oils the same way. Well, that's where I kind of got into it and noticed quickly that that's not the way it necessarily works. So I think one of the things before you start. Wanting to use essential oils for different things is to think of them. Not like we do medication which is more. So symptom management, but we need to look oils as a lifestyle like a lifestyle that supports overall wellness. 'cause if we're supporting our digestive system, which is, you know, our gut is linked to our brain. You know, we're going to be helping out other things as well. And also we need to be consistently using them. So we know that essential oils work and help.

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