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Limited by state law. Make two thousand nineteen the year that you win commute cash on KCBS in just before our traffic reports and thirty eight past the hour every hour between seven AM and seven PM weekdays for your chance to win one thousand dollars commute cash is back on the traffic leader KOA CBS. CBS news time eleven twenty eight and traffic wise, George Rascasse says that we're still slow in marine county. John with an injury accident on one zero one northbound at the highway one off ramp, south end or the Richardson bay bridge. Traffic backed up to the North Slope of the WALDO grade, they have a number of emergency vehicles. The two left lanes are blocked here. Better news though for the north bay ride on thirty seven at lakeville. The signal lights have been repaired they were malfunctioning at lakeville for several hours this morning, and while they were flashing it managed backup both westbound thirty seven all the way to Sears point. And even backed up southbound lakeville for a mile or two, but the signal lights are restored traffic moving again and the MLK celebration train arriving at the couch train station at eleven this morning. And that's where a March is getting underway that could be. The reason why the two eighty extension has been slow getting off at king street. Northbound and weigh in Daly city, we still have delays for northbound skyline highway thirty five approaching west more where again, it's a signal light malfunction that has traffic backed up for about a mile. I'm seeing a little slow traffic. Now also from San Mateo up to Burlingame where just south of peninsula. It looks as though there may be a problem with the Staller an accident in the roadway. Your next update at eleven thirty eight on the traffic leader,.

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