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The pitch swing on a fly ball to center, not the Purdue go right there. The ball game is over. So the dodgers have shut out the bets at take three out of four from New York in this series to nothing the final score how he rose on WCBS eight eighty kenley Jansen with the four out save. Combining with Hyun Jin Ryu on a four hitter, reu- up to eight and one is ERA sparkling one point four eight best in the majors. Nothing wrong with Jason Vargas performance for the Mazzi held the dodgers to one run over seven innings falling to one in three that run came in the first Chris Taylor elite off triple a ball play too aggressively by the inexperienced outfielder j d Davis and left. Max muncie. Drove in Taylor with a double the other LA, Ron came in the eighth off Hector, Santiago, KiKi Hernandez, Arabi, single, the Mets now twenty seven and twenty nine though, face the twenty eight and twenty nine Diamondbacks over the weekend tonight will be sack Wheeler against the snakes top pitching prospect, John Duplantier. The Red Sox raid out in the Bronx last night. They'll make came up as part of a day night doubleheader August third. So it's now a three game weekend series, the Thursday pitchers. Get held over Jay Happel go for the bombers tonight against Boston's Chris sale coverage on the fan starts at six twenty five Aaron Boone, taps, Domingo her mind to face the socks on Saturday, CC Samantha will start Sunday nights series finale, Jackie the scores of the American League was the raise all over the twins fourteen to three the Yanks lead on second place Tampa Bay now just a half game White Sox hammered the Indians tend to four the royals doubled up the Rangers for the to the angels knocked off the Mariners nine three National League. The cardinals flew past Vilis five. Three giants three to one in the Marlins brewers. Eleven pirates five Mike blue stock as went deep twice. And it was Daniel Murphy with a game, winning RBI single and the bottom of the tenth Rockies eleven to ten over the Diamondbacks. Oh canada. That's next WFAN.

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