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Five two five two five two see you soon from the healthcare delta studios serious lawyers for serious injuries call one eight hundred and I'll go on newsradio six ten WTVN only partly cloudy overnight tonight little bit of patchy fog sixty four for the overnight low then a warm on on Thursdays we hit eighty five most of the showers and thunderstorms should be in southern and southeastern Ohio sunshine on Friday with a high of eighty six I'm ABC six first morning chief meteorologist Marshall like peak on your severe weather station news radio six ten WTVN this is coast to coast AM with George Noory tonight very special moment here as we talk about two important subjects one of course Daniel Lewis Crompton's then came the flood as we talk about the incredible story of the flood in that pre world what was it like and then later on he is very instrumental in talking about the aggressive come back in our nation and society of cannabis and we're gonna talk about that later in the program as well and.

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