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Correct yeah guys Baltimore's just Jalen I watched I was watching trae gun biking he's the bad guy the Russian ways they shot her shot in the you're stretching the picture out under this walls around you get like one of the kids I was like oh I didn't like that are we supposed to end game in this bug gas go for it we already yeah so so we all laughed when he's sitting there eating Burger in iron man one but then when his daughter say like Oh shit does Sony think that can do a frigging third iteration of this and I'm like they've gotten two strikes are they going for the strikeout at this point because the first two yeah I mean people didn't like and people say there were things wrong with them and then marvel comes in and go late and saves as you and makes them a ton of money they actually offered Andrew Garfield to play the part of spider man but he turned it down Oh really because he would have had to sign on yeah they he said this on interview years back he said they wanted him to sign on for six more movies a year after he had already done three yeah that's I don't you know he's like I love the part of spider man but I don't want to play this part for the rest of my life why have you watched under the silver lake there's a scene in there where he he wakes up stoned on his couch and he looks down there is an amazing spider man comic and he puts his hand on it gets stuck to him and he goes like shaking his hand he throws it in the other room that's like symbolically shedding the spiderman that's pretty funny yeah wasn't there are some star actor who's really paranoid about that happening like they said we could have done more with this but I didn't WanNa have my entire career defined by one roll yeah for that because he didn't he didn't WanNa do return of the Jedi yeah he wanted he wanted to die he asked George Lucas come off yeah yeah and then I mean you can you can tell that they brought him back for the first of the new the reboots and the old fans yeah to hook the old fans and then they killed them because I'm sure he was like I'm pretty done with this he said he's like he's like I in writing for the next Indiana Jones terrible onto better movies guys so did Hollywood homicide that's a guilty pleasure maybe watch for Red October sees no it wasn't a hunt for red nose and he played in yeah it was clear and present danger games care he did he did to Jack Ryan movies do you know what I went back this past week and I was watching everybody Sean Jam beam just got its then he doesn't get attached long series like game of thrones died in the first season but everyone's like I loved him as editor star in his in his interviews he goes I've played so many roles because I always die in the first season I well yeah you show didn't work out what what was the that was actually pretty good it was good for the ten nobody liked it it was good though they interviewed him in there and he goes if they wanna pay me over a million dollars to that's fine no but this past week I went back and I watched the meaning black series and watch independence day and include them like the new ones I'm just watch I never saw the new I'm too scared to watch men in black holds up pretty well welcome to Earth yeah and I like he goes in y PD knock your punk ass down like Oh that doesn't make any sense every police department needs that and that would be really great marketing campaign the best part now the best part is when he goes over and he grabs it because I do this shit all the time is a recovering grabs table impose it over to him so he doesn't the crap all the time at work I'm like shelvin sheet off the tables I can lay my stuff out and I struggle so many black one to hold up pretty all really good men in black threes awful terrible yeah what was the second third Vitoria see the third one was ongoing thing good about the third one was the bad guy and just because I no one he goes he pulls up hippie couple and they start laughing at the guy dinner for Schmucks Yeah Yeah so third one's bad I haven't seen her national I do so independence day I one spectacular movie I know now the second one didn't work because in two thousand you can't do nineties humor because nineties movies all had even if it was bad he was aware of itself right and it had actional there are some kind of emotional thread that kept the narrative going on in this you that you just you can't do that anymore on two thousand people just WanNa see explosions if you want and I think some of the the marvel movies do this pretty well like they're hyper aware her of like being Meta af as described like it's very self aware like making jokes about what's currently going on in things you're not supposed to date your your stuff to put fortnight and the of the marble really relief I've never showed up right new maybe it'll be inspire man no it was in the marvel it was yeah they haven't and those full scene they did it was a beautiful scene but I'm like this is going to age lake cheese do you guys see the trailer tyco YTD's new movie he's basically making fun of the Hitler youth he plays he plays Hitler shows he's out in the forest training these kids to throw knives that's one kid takes a knife when he throws under the tree but the handle hits the tree and bounce back and stabs him in the leg Oh Shit yeah he he is really funny have you ever seen we're going sidebar crazy with this but I'm his like like the wilder people or something yet Amnio yes that movie was utterly freaking Hilarious what happened to Sam Neill aside from peaky blinders which was daybreak irs man he's a vampire and also in Thor Ragnarok I will stand hi daybreak irs I go back he's like that he's one of those actors to he's forever knows Rasa Park Guy that's why he would did you ever see a movie called event horizon yes terrifying in that that's true he's got some bit roles but every time I see or think of Samuel oh yeah of course you know and it's like I decided not to endorse you know only after much consideration and I think that it's the same way with man to to kind of bring this back marvel is you see Robert any junior your iron man he's been in a lot of other scuffled Kiss Bang Bang man excellent movie he was a good one Jesus Guy Ritchie yes yes will I'm sorry I know we're going on a lot of sidebars here but King Arthur did you see it and we know the one with Charlie Hudson Sons of Anarchy Guy Ritchie movie and it was fant aiding Gillian the story was the story not not that great but the editing was fantastic because Ritchie movie yeah end the dialogue was Kyra she excelled Dialogue Guy Ritchie. If you're listening please make rock and roll to police we are still waiting bleeding anyways I just like I don't understand what that movie did so because his entertaining despite like having so many loose ends because I think it was just too much of it was another King Arthur movie like another one kind of robinhood attorney yeah no I had no desire to see that movie VIP it was bad all the character shopper mention him like his like they were wearing modern close in a old Robin Hood this episode James Deeper feel your hands cramping up after spending a long time with the controller in your hands Oh that they do my friend that they do I remember being a kid and being able to go hours the time playing games like guitar hero Halo Mass Effect Mario Sixty four these days I've noticed that not only do my hands get tired and cramped but my reflexes aren't exactly what they used to be I learned this while constantly running off cliffs playing the spiral reignited trilogy Gerald wouldn't it be nice to recapture that gaming of years gone by yes it would my friend I can not wait to see what I can do to make sure that would happen miracle fruit oils vibrates high-performance Gaming Wristband is clinically proven by board of Certified Orthopedist to improve speed celebration accuracy dexterity mobility precision quickness endurance steadiness and grip.

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