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At home against the rebuilding indiana pacers and the cavs needed an officiating break and a last second three by lebron to narrowly win you watch cleveland roster it's useless only one of lebron's teammates made more than two shots last night i'm not making that up if lebron leaves cleveland again he doesn't know that city anything this is lebron and nine valets and they're not even good valets these are the kind of valet as that lose your car keys or bring you the wrong mazda these are bad valets jr smith went over eight kevin love hurt again too for eleven all the new guys people were falling in love with rodney hood and jordan clarkson larry nance combined for thirteen points i don't wanna see any burning jerseys because you know he's leaving you know he's not staying for this garbage let's look at what has happened in cleveland pre and post lebron before he arrived the previous year they were seventeen sixty five that was fifteen years ago then he showed up in cleveland and in seven years they made the playoffs five times including two division titles in final and then he left and they butchered the number one pick they were immediately awful and adverage twenty five win a year then he came back four years three finals one tile we have a pattern here don't we the franchise is in utter embarrassment without lebron they were before he got there they were when he laughed and they're gonna be when he leaves but when he leaves this time he doesn't know you anything i don't care where he was born he has given you everything what we're watching now is.

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