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But it was so strategically like she looked so fake. She was just like she did such a poor job. But then only because like I hate them like sitting here talking to Colton about a cold. Like, I want to talk about us. First of all, let's send you can't start a fire. And then want to know why everyone's talking about the fire. That was Hannah be right. You can't take a big Stephen dump in the middle of a room, and then esque everyone s smells, so I hope they both go home because as much as Nicole was really. The victim here. She played so poorly. Like, I just hate her. Now, she could've turned it around and Minna champion. But she turned. She was a loser. So cut her chin nut Cobra, what's her name Kirpa Kiernan Kunin Kunin Connor chin by slipping on Rodney might take a picture. I don't know. I said, I literally can't sherpa. That's why we keep fucking it up. I can't remember anyone's aiming less than I was thinking. I'm like just take me this long to remember people's names. Usually, I'm better about the names. Like, the fact that I can't remember the name of the girl who you wonder, whether so many interesting more dynamic names, usually it's like HANA, Ashley, Sarah Kaelin is an interesting name, yucca. Interesting name. Yeah. Kiernan Shoka, inching nickname. Finally, it's not just like Hannelore and Ashley g gase. I was about to call her Kelly today custody it sessions. Well now that are recaps done. We have five minutes left to do an in depth interview with nephew sneeze chess. Doctor was purple Kirpa. We were like half, right? Yes. You know, what it'd be cured? It yet here sherpa. I'm sorry. All these blond girls. I can't be responsible for their name. Sorry Cassidy, and I'm sorry when there's Kiernan sherpa out in the world, and you're taking the world by storm and your name is completion of the two Kirpa. It's tough for us. So yes, Cassiano great one on one less. Okay. Obviously, I thought he was custody this whole time. Dr Theodore Fitzsimmons. Oh, no. You are. I'm the interviewer here. Good morning, Joe. How was your little nap that you took when you finally became a good? Boy. It was good. I think he he looks really well rested and ready for this interview. Okay. So THEO a lot has been made in a lot has been said about your journey to this country from Russia. Are you here legally? I can neither confirm nor deny that I understand. And so you have this iconic babushka that you wear that really has become a symbol and an icon and a beacon of hope was my grandmother's and how many of those own just the one just the one and how often do you wash? It like your mom never five days a week. I wash my Bubaljka when I feel it is necessary. That is none of your business. I'm also British you pick up the accident on your way crossing from Russia was a long long journey. So then what what field you are really inspired you to get into the medical field. Like where did that decision? Come from on my journey to America, I met so many wonderful people who helped me that. I was so inspired. I wanted to help others, and how do you feel about grown women visiting a pediatrician in their in their late twenty s early to mid late twenties. I say each is. Okay. I have patients from all around the world different ages different sizes, different genders. I don't care. A doctor's love knows no borders. No boundaries. Are you part of the coalition doctorswithoutborders? Interesting fact that he's well interesting. I found you doctors without. Well, I mean, how can you are the doctor, and you have no borders. No bodos. Jackie. None. So how do you feel? I know you've hired a new brand manager.

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