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You could be in a tough spot, and I know it's Stanley Cup or bust, but you can not play that way against teams that like Washington. I mean, they're too skilled. They're too smart. They're too savvy. They're gonna beat you. So they need to they need to play consistently to their level that they can, especially against these good teams. If you're not playing well against Columbus, you can probably still squeak out a win, but you just, you can't do it against these other teams that are really good. And so that's where I think some of the issue came. Yeah, and when talking about the postseason and it's coming fast folks, you know, it'd be a snap of the fingers that it's going to be April and we're turning a leaf and trying to figure out who we're going to play in the first round. But my biggest thing about these past couple games against teams that you are mentioning, Steve, teams that are going to grind on you in a playoff style game is your power play. You might not, you might not be doing well against other teams like you mentioned 5 on 5, but you've got to capitalize on the bottle boy. And I love what you mentioned about the overpassing. When you do have that man advantage, and I always call it the hoosiers, pass at 11 times before you take a shot. You need to stop doing that. If you have an opportunity and you see daylight somewhere, I know Darcy Kemper is a big goal under. But if you see something there, at least get a shot on and hopefully a guy like foligno and shout out to him for being at the right place at the right time yesterday with that net front presence to be there for a scrappy goal. And that beat a bigger goaltender that was like really a brick wall yesterday. So, I mean, power plays just got to get better.

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