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Did it i don't know who sam palaces so i don't know who might have maybe we can get ron gardenhire on the podcast rickett grayson greiner back on here so i don't know it's a highly appropriate ringtone though and probably someone is already doing a post somewhere that what every miniatures ringtone should be if not free post idea there you go so i also wanted to mention i don't know whether you this but there was a high school game that someone tweeted us about this morning it was a high school game in connecticut and wouldn't have known about it except for this tweeter named matt and evidently there's a tournament the sec tournament and there were rounds just being pushed back via rain over and over again i guess more than once and the north haven and amity baseball teams were sick of not being able to play they had a quarterfinal matchup and so what they did is they played rock paper scissors instead of baseball to settle this quarterfinal matchup they gathered around home plate there's a picture of the entire teams just huddled around home plate and they played rock paper scissors it took eleven rounds to settle and the indians beat the spartans five four i don't even no which one is which but there were two draws i guess we're two players pick and saving thing so it was five four in eleven rounds and i don't believe this is an official result is not officially sanctioned but there was a game story about it at gametime connecticut dot com that treats it as if it was an actual matchup and has like a box score or a play log at the end i guess where it chronicles what each player picked in each round and final round was a paper versus scissors and that was that and i just wonder whether this would give rub manfred any ideas about possibly settling extra inning games and whether this is actually any worse than having the extra runner start at second base in the tenth inning so who got credit for the win i wouldn't was well let's see yeah okay it says.

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