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Come down with Senator rebound, but they got more of those do. Can't do it. I got sixty nine touchdowns to know what I mean. Baby. Check this out. Bradley's knows something about a great team being on the two thousand eight Phillies. This is from MLB network radio. He really likes this team. He compares the two thousand eight listen. There's no doubt that there's questions in the rotation. The back end with some young unproven arms f Lynn in terms of being healthy, Vince Velazquez, they still have a lot to prove. But here's the thing. You have an clear ace in the staff, and you have a clear number two. And that allows the other guys to pitch with not a whole lot of pressure. Like, the brewers don't have that. But here's the big thing for me. This offense is going to absolutely annihilate people. You gotta do go Herrera at at Cal Franko now hitting probably seven and eight night lineup lead. Like the last couple years. They've been you're like three four hitters or three five or four five with recently. Like, they are absolutely nasty. Offense is and I have seen this recipe work, by the way, they have a fantastic bullpen too. I have seen this recipe. Worked for the Phillies before in two thousand eight. We had Cole hamels at the top. Okay. You compare hit with air Nola. And after that, we had we did what we could. We had Jamie Moyer. We had Joe Blanton. Brett Myers had a rough go two thousand eight he got set back down to the minor leagues. Even at one point. But we kept treading water. We got through it because the rotation didn't have to do a ton because we were scored five six seven runs every game. And the bullpen was getting the job done at that worked at Philly. So I have seen this recipe before from the Phillies, and it has worked, and I think it's gonna work again. There you go. Bulletin the Phillies this year. I lift a perfect. Yes. Yeah. Really? You're not kid. But what what he said was something we were talking about earlier..

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