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Yeah Do you guys have any other ideas. Ideas like feedback. You think I should look so still further one that you're helping out the player. I think you should call it the difficulty for Joe and then after the one where they're just going and on the road that one as Chris enough. It sounds like Chris. Full steam ahead knows what he's doing. The Joe Joe which is surprising. I have alternate titles suggest. Thank you John. My title suggestion in for the easy difficulty. It should be mommy helped me for the hard difficulty. It should be fuck off. I think those be interpreted opposite of what you're intending does if it's a horrid game and it's called out me that's a harder difficulty hold my hand man fuck off I got this yeah. Those are my suggestions that being said I will probably never play this game. Joseph I apologize it is is not my style game. If you come out if you come out with a game that is not going to scare the shit out of me and play that he likes bright colors like an overwatch I liked. I like far cry. Bright bright colors break dollars. I like guns are really like Gods. He wants to feel safe safer and people that I can kill to stop them from attacking me to call of duty. It might be a killer monsters. You don't know how do you shoot a ghost with again. I don't know but in Louis's mansion you you can use a vacuum of some sort and it's nice light and a flashlight. Yeah Joseph. Do you have any questions about the consul Jones For us at all. Oh yeah like how did you guys get started drinking beer ear lots of beer giant episodes after they started drinking beers. My so this episode Blah Blah Blah after. We started drinking beer. I didn't start on the PODCAST. I think it was. It was in the ninety s somewhere maybe late eighties episode. Eighty something if so ninety before I became a member quote unquote of the PODCASTS. I started started listening episode. Forty five or fifty. So I originally Ed Miguel playing overwatch and he was cool so we became friends on Xbox and then he realized how cool not and then we played overwatch. Watch religiously together for like a year and a half and then I finally found out that he had podcast and so then I started listening to and then I started giving feedback and they invited her and a half ago. I don't know I'm terrible with time. Anyway we played a overwatch together for a long time and I said it wasn't a bad cast and then he just never laughed and they can't get rid of me now now now I know where they live the original idea behind that. I don't know where Miguel he moves. Not going to say where but he moved but he's moved a lot but no I think the original idea behind the council drones was and to to bring something new because at the time I guess there was a lot of stuff that was out but we felt like it wasn't really accurate because it was either like college writers writing for magazines just as a job and they weren't really gamers they were just you know college educated writers and they wanted to write about something so they're like John based on definition. Chris and I are not gamers either because Chris Never beat games and I don't know anything about games just acquire but anyway we went off in a previous podcast broadcast and then there were there. Were some points of views that we felt weren't being covered because it was like mainstream stuff off popular games never really gave India chance or Miguel. Had you know a lot of points of views that were different than and some of the writings that was going on at the time. So did Chris and so did I. So we figured out like we were just you know hanging out together in like did. Let's just let's do something create a website or let's do originally. We were doing reviews so we were reviewing video games. God I don't Miss. Let's those days at all writing reviews posting them online. And all that stuff so we were doing that and then I was. I'm a huge fan of top gear and I'm like what what's the next step. What can we do to to raise US above? You know the bar and we'll top gear is about cars. Well why can't we do like a top gear type of thing but with video games and that was like the first web show was the battlefield versus call. Oh Dude discussion. And then we had the bloopers with the Black Fag. I mean black flag. That's on Youtube. But yeah that that was after that then it just went on from there and evolved into you know us during the podcast plus doing a video podcast turn into us just hanging out and talking every week. Well I mean so entertaining we had like some of the most awesome EST or the coolest list hangouts. Was You know US drinking late playing beer pong and talking about fucking video games and just having a good time and it's just like Jesus why can't we get this captured in some way or some form and you know and then we said we need a guy with a wizard. We need a guy with a big beard so yeah image so yeah. He's he's made the tank Chris. Hunter I think McGill is like the rogue or the stealth guy this Asan. Yeah I'm the I'm the bar. No I'm the asphalt but it's just basically what it is is just building a community or building a team that each of us has our own perspective on video games. And anything else that's going on and and if you seen if you've seen her episodes or listen to US enough like we all have our own characteristics like joe his the maestro with Matt he's angry and he he flip-flop sometimes he'll he'll.

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