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But nothing more in the first inning. And now would it be mad camp TK Hernandez SEAL que- for the dodgers against Wade Miley campaign game one last night at two for four with an RBI had a great first half. This year was an all star cooled off in the second half still wound up it at twenty one homers eighty to ninety driving at eighty five runs with an. Eighteen. Big right handed batter takes outside ball wants. So the lefties they're all on the bench today for Dave Roberts. Even Belgium who was hit the lion of yesterday's the one who is hid weekly towards third Mustafa's cuts in front of arsia who mimics the throwing motion up. Oh stockists boost throws it down. Got a little like belch bell. Try Andrews thing going on in the left side of the Bill there. Yeah. That's always fun to watch bell trae Andress. But I think the brewers just kind of speaks to how loose they are. And how much fun they are having obviously team but the twelve game winning streak, Dan. They're they're feeling good about everything right now. I'm trying to figure out is there. One like overly serious guy in that clubhouse. We run into one player who you would say that's a serious guy. I don't think we have his TK Hernandez who is not a serious guy. He's the second base today for the dodgers over to with a walk in last night's game. As he takes the ball one guy would be like, you know of a regular Travis Shaw. It seems a little, but he is you told me and I did go and talk to him yesterday. But you start talking to 'em. Everything's fine. It's gracious kind of understated. I think breaking ball MRs outside to at all. You know counsels? The guy who gets accused of being too serious, but we've seen him smiling. We've been in his office every day we are lucky enough to get little meetings with managers before the game swinging of his two and one. And I would say we've had a bit stitches, but we've had some good fun smiley conversations with indeed. Yeah, he's having it seems a lot more fun past couple of months than first half of the season. Just even with all the stress and pressure to all the way and a swag at a lighter. And it's caught by Shaw. The second baseman flag the shift on the left side of the diamond routine. Play it softly it right out of two down. Soft contact again for Wade Miley. Back liner. So quickly to ads for valley. Here's your who. Did not start at last night's game. Generally does not start against lefties because he is a reverse split Scott that we've made is a right head about who hits righties better than the lefties as he takes outside wall one but ballot juror who would have been in the lineup had week not been in their other guys would ramp allergies. Not hitting it. All right now, we has good numbers against Miley in his career as an ex pitches outside for ball too. And I think Gabe Roberts is looking for.

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