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All right talking to bruce pascoe the arizona daily star about what happened to shawn miller. Today was fired at arizona after a long run with the cats in tucson and frankly Like i said by the way they just marash just knocked out to meet johnson. That's it round to boom. Knocked him out got on top of him and just clubbed him to death. He's done so there. You go to champ wins. I'm stunned mafia. A horrible disqualification and then the main event was a disaster as well. Thank god turner channel down with it. Anyway bruce sorry about so. Here's the deal. I'm watching these fights. I got all this stuff going on while. We're doing the show. As i said before to you all these names the litany of names. Tommy lloyd kazak damon stoudamire miles simon et cetera et cetera. I don't believe to be honest with you eric. Musselman's going to get the job at arizona. He's got a great job at arkansas. I do not believe he's leading that quick to go there. It's not steve. Alford leaving new mexico. I don't believe frankly mark pope's getting that job either To be honest with you they remind me of a little bit of. I know sean millerton planners well i guess he did like what he transferred there or something like that when he was a kid. I can't remember. All i know is north carolina and they stay in the family. You know miller. Didn't he actually played here for pit arizona zone in a an a holiday tournament back in the early nineties and told us the story about how he'd just thought it was so cool he saw zona players leaving the game on their skateboards and it was seventy five and sunny and he was like damn. This is a great place. So that's why. I think that maybe had a little bit to do with why he took the job in the first place but But yet to speak to what you said actually just kinda wrote about some of the speculation some of those candidates in both pope and muscleman if you go back two years if they had a change with miller and twenty nineteen you know both of those guys were at mid major jobs. Doing really well. And we're we're gonna go. You knew they were gonna go to their next job and you know Muslim was at nevada and pope was that Utah valley and and both those guys got good jobs. And you're right. They appear pretty locked up right now. Pope just signed a deal through twenty six twenty seven then because as privacy. Don't we don't know the terms but you know those guys are pretty locked in. And i don't think that arizona has a lot more money if any to pay than what they're paying miller which was about two and a half million so you know and if you're gonna you know if you're gonna try and get an established accessible head coach. That's pretty tough to do. You might need three or four at least per year. The way things are going. Yeah well so let's then narrow it down do you believe that Did you write about tommy. Lloyd and start a and simon and simon would both take that job this minute. Yeah yeah yeah. I mean i think right tommy lloyd. The a question mark as to whether he would want it. And i mean there's some questions about whether you'd hire guy without being head coach a program like this but on the other hand you know there's there he's pretty he's pretty well regarded and he's been there for twenty years. And he's you know his recruiting of internationals tough to beat and this and that so it's it may be a question of him whether he'd wanna do that. He's already turned down. A number of turned away from. I should say a number of in a pretty good job from from what From what i've heard and then You're right stoudamire and You know assignment. I think you know. Even just passenger maybe. There's you know some buzz about him. He's a little guy who's you know. Been the head coach now at memphis and georgia tech and he has a great job there. you know and not a lot of press release buddies. He sees standards You know so he might be okay there but the you know who knows. Maybe he'd want to come back here. i don. I don't know about that but stoudamire you're right would be interesting. And you know he. He's probably the one guy who has the best combination of you know sort of history with this program as a player. He was an all american here. They went to the ninety four five four him and then he went on and You know have. The cree had the nba was nba rookie of the year And then and you. Europeans record isn't great but he took that program over. When they were you know having unsuitably sanctions and they you know. They're they have high academic standards. It's hard to get guys in there and they have to play with gonzaga and early. You know you're an and saint. Mary's and byu so at the best you're gonna be fourth in fact. He was coaching the year last year when they were for. So so. if you've kinda put it in perspective of what. He's up against their You know he's done pretty well and he's you know he's well liked here. The personable guy you know he. He's got nba experience. The cell and so you know he. He would seem to have a lot of qualifications as well. Yeah it sounds like everything you're saying it just leads me right to him that he's the guy that's the guy they're gonna hire. You can just feel it. can't you. well it seems like i mean. Certainly if you're going to go the direction of wanting somebody who has some tie your program. I would think so for sure. I mean i've heard a lot of tommy lloyd. The guy but it might be that. I don't again. I don't know if he wants it. And you know there's also we know in these kind of searches. Sometimes they're smokescreens out there. You don't really know who and everybody here thought football. They were gonna hire san jose state coach and and then they ended up hiring. A you know. An assistant from the patriots said martin jet fish so you know that sort of seemed to come out of nowhere so you know i guess you never know there could always be somebody lurking that. We don't know the one thing that i do think is you would think at this point. They're going to decide to make this decision to get rid of shawn miller this late that they must have somebody lined up at least a couple of people that they know will take it so i would imagine it'll be a short search because it may already be done behind the scenes. Let me ask you bruce Do you think that Arizona state and i'm not. I'm not suggesting anything with bobby. Hurley golan dares. On what. I'm asking you is do you think that he's like being well received in tempe or do you think his see this hot. Oh the hurley's You know i y- his. He was he. He's built that program up. I think he has a fair amount of equity this. They had a really disappointing finish this year. And but you know. I think also helps him that. It's sort of an asterisk year with with cova. Everybody knows that so you know there was a weird combination yet. Some really good talent as kind of a weird chemistry mix that just of appear to blow up on them and so and they had. They had a couple of kobe pauses. That didn't help things either. So you know i. I don't think he's on a on a hot seat there but certainly you know You know maybe you know down the road a little bit. If things don't don't turn around. But i think overall he's been pretty well received there. What did you think of Just your reaction to how badly archie failed at indiana. I mean honestly. I went to indiana and i have to say when when they hired him. I thought it was a good higher. Because he had done such a hell of a job at dayton in my opinion at amid right an amid major and he had been a forced there. But i honestly i have to say bruce. I think he may have been the worst basketball coach. I've ever seen at indiana. And i'm fifty six years old and i was i worked for bob knight so trust me when i tell you i've seen them all. He may have been the worst coach. I've ever seen in bloomington yet. You're closer way closer. Situation that i am. I just know. I know archie was here. Actually as san's though shit head coach the first couple years. I got to know him a little bit He seemed at both of them are pretty burs school x. Knows guys you know. Dad was a legend out. There in highschool western pennsylvania The thing about arts that always struck me those. He super super serious almost like all work. No play kinda guy and and..

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