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Too trusting. That I didn't recognize enemies that I had out there and I don't want to go for your wife that way. But this is this is sixty minutes nineteen. Ninety one. So this is. Thirty one years ago and Or thirty years ago and he's and it's nothing has changed. Nothing says you conservatives obligatory racist sexist big HOMOPHOBES now up next this is a well, we got time to squeeze two-minute Twenty, two second montage. Of all of the contrived controversies over these thirty two years. Dozens of times the drive by media dozens of times the Democrat party thought. They had finally done it. They had found a way to get rid of me or that I had stepped in it. I had created my own controversy I created my own mistakes I was finished. I was done. Of course still here. Thirty two years later still here and of course, you know why? It's real simple. The people in the media did not make me. They're not the reason you began to listen. I am. If I was the product of media hype than they could kill me, they could take me up. But they had nothing to do in fact from the moment i. Started my National Progress Nineteen eighty-eight did try. To do great damage to me in the program. I have never been a beneficiary of media buzz or hype. So, always been negative. So here's a montage of the various controversies over the years and the things people have said that they were convinced I was either guilty or finished listen rush limbaugh to the left you sort of like an aching tooth. They can't stand him that they can't leave him alone. The growing firestorm over comments made by rush limbaugh that huge firestorm developing after rush limbaugh's controversial comments dragged off the radio with you rush limbaugh have three hours say whatever he wants and there's no truth detector rush limbaugh found himself on the hot seat last week rush limbaugh influential. Sure. But powerful some say even with Limbaugh's vast audience now condemn limbaugh's remarks. The National Organization for women are demanding clear channel, hold him off the air altogether heaven help us if they think they cause Russia's demise controversy bring right now in Washington rush limbaugh on the attack Herman Nazis feminists are not. Limbaugh decided to mock the Chinese President Open Mouth Insert career will be the demise demise demise of rush limbaugh. What year is this limbaugh shut your cake hall get rush Limbaugh Shut up radio's biggest name rush limbaugh surprising news.

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