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And its visibility is poor there's still a speed restriction on the New Jersey Staten Island connectors not extravagant Dave is in less than ten minutes on the B. C. B. S. weather forecast now with our meteorologist Frank straightened what's going on right now Frank will look much of the area still seeing snow with this point John but to some sleep and even some rain starting to mix and for areas south and west of the city I will see that to transition continue over the next couple of hours with the more the way of sleep eventually rain spreading over the city and Long Island well like every is a north and west stayed mostly snow with little sleep mixing in a so what we end up seeing one to three inches of snow and sleet accumulate for the coastal areas including the city with temperatures at peeking around thirty seven for a time this evening is it keeps on going up this evening but the north and west with more the way of someone's Lee coming down ends up being three to six inches so what slippery around the area for now when staying slippery most of the night for areas north west of the city this all went down later on tonight we turn out partly cloudy that'll drop the thirty five in midtown tomorrow we'll have partly sunny skies will be blustery chilly day with high forty one wind chills be in the twenties colder tomorrow night partly cloudy under twenty two in mid town on Monday will be rather cold despite some sun by only thirty three thirty in mid town now again the rice more to thirty seven this evening with the so turning to sleet eventually rain but again the staying mostly snow and sleet north and west back to you John thank you Frank W. CBS news time six ten it's a first for Paramus the Burroughs mayor says it's time to think.

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