President Obama discussed on The Charlie Kirk Show


Healthcare, it's guaranteed to fail. You need you need some form of insurance. It's a risk known. No. That's the whole point, you do not need some form insurance at all was said and why would employ. Provide health insurance at all under your programs. They wouldn't it's up to them, but it's a value. Add is a perk rest reservoir. That's why they provided in the first place when they were wage and price controls. They introduced health insurance as a perk. Right. But alternatively your plan would be to try to get people on this broad government. Run risk. If my company, I was still continued to provide healthcare. So do we? I mean turning point provides health care, we have to under the ObamaCare mandate, but that's but that would change that would change. You have the option. That's interesting. Okay. So now we're getting somewhere get rid of forcing. And again, I can't say it. I told this to President Obama and he system built on healthcare any healthcare system. Build on shirts will fail. I don't disagree with that..

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