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Could very well be planning to go to a bowl game. So I got some business take care of there. Any does really enjoy his time and in west Lafayette, but I don't I don't think this is something he'll be able to turn down. You think Rick Pitino will ever coats again? Well, let's say on the college level right now is it is mid sixties. And he's had such tremendous success a national championship coats. And do you think you'll get another job at some point? It's hard to say it's so I mean at one point he didn't want to ever coach again now. Tired? He's trying to get a job in the NBA. So I think that might be where he gets his next opportunity something in the NBA. I don't know if there's a head coach in the NBA. But I think something there, and then who knows down the road because he does love it. He's he's fully invested in it when when he's right in the middle of it. And and he's obviously a hall of fame coach it's hard to argue with the record and the results. So yeah, I I don't I think eventually here within the next year or two we'll see you back in the game in some aspect. You know, my alma mater out here. Cal State northward see son, arguably the worst division one programming conference basketball, just fired Reggie Theus. Who's been our head coach for the last couple of years. I was urging them to go Patino. I think it'll be a perfect situation. Start. You know in a low level, a division one school rebuild reputation over a couple of years do some winning and then maybe get back into power five conference or the NBA. Do it that way we build your reputation starting small and a lower level school that might not be for him. And you know, he's close. This is a former assistant here at Lowell. So he knows Reggie. Well, they played them a couple years ago here, maybe. Yeah. That that could be maybe a good move. I know something about that program with Reggie have been. That's what I thought they hired. Mark gottfried. The former North Carolina State in Alabama coach he's a new head coach at my alma mater, now get okay. Well, congrats on that. He had some success to go back. So far remember watching the play and he actually played for Alabama. That's right. And they were in that same Sweet Sixteen when Patino in providence beat Georgetown here in Louisville in.

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