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And Douglas what's right on Google's but baseball night in New York let you do that though rarely really to hit it shows yeah well you are I mean you know god knows what's next what only god who knows are obviously you want next that's the idea is all three days but every game pregame pregame show yeah the other day I shall I come again Billy shows on Sunday morning those are tough for you are everywhere I try to be mad that hustle you when you do hustle to all of the hot summer when I was younger I used to be able to do this and those things alone man you don't need to anymore it's thank god yeah and it's on the other hand the strength for that it is ready to show you play golf and yeah that's that that that's about it that's about but you look at celebrate really very stylish well hopefully I'll have that style going as we move closer closer to opening day and was in the start of spring training games is not going to have you won I like jumping for joy I know for song right it's the agency thank you very much for tomorrow yes and you have J. half on the mound for the New York Yankees and it's amazing Nelson J. hat he's got a team here we had back in December when they signed Gerrit Cole is going to be guys who you know replaceable part is gonna get traded then gonna dump his salary now Joe going on opening day it's Gerrit Cole's Masahiro Tanaka J. have might be the third store for the new year thank you you're right looks that way could very well be may was city kid David Garcia may will see him well fire me up I mean I don't I don't know I don't like if you want to see in spring training he's one of the few yeah and I would say it's slim to none that he is on the opening day Yankee roster Ernie what would you put the percentages right now of David Garcia of being in the Yankee Rowe Tatian first week in the first week of the year of ten percent yeah I was gonna say fifteen fifteen percent they never want to rush these guys so unless a couple of the guys get hurt which god forbid I don't see in the first week put you would make the argument that I would if he looks the part in spring training he dominates spring training on one in the rotation yeah yeah there was gonna go with the veterans in the whole wide yeah if you got a good version these guys but I it's not the idea of Russian on a few looks the port put him in the rotation I don't we'll support put a notation let's say the freehold New Jersey Joe Morocco up next on a family hi Rocco what's going on boys or you don't good what's that about all right good with two key ingredients remarks obviously the ball kind right D. as in the tree to the yes which is anywhere as close as he did with the mariners we make the playoffs lecture well I think the chances are gonna be a big part of the bull pen too I'm looking for him to have a big year I gotta tell you that obviously in this too and number two key ingredients thanks for this we almost exclusively in contract what's S. which used to be he changed the entire free so on yet they look I've been I've been saying it for a long time rock all the says who's going to shock the world like Muhammad Ali in nineteen sixty four is going to shock the world adult is a big year I'm telling you right now he's gonna you know you've been saying it for a long time he's got a show though rock can play in the outfield echo that's the big three all because they're just so you know opening day three homes for yo yo yo specially the free agent show me the money it's all about the money you know that the money that he could make back for re doing his contract let's not forget that money I understand incentives gel so on good can you play physically day I did today and after he gets one so you think opening day on us is ready to go yeah Seattle but I think he's got a I don't I'm not mistaken if he's on the opening day roster gets more money again it is about us here so he's going to be there probably swing a bat he's gonna be he's going to be there you think you can play the alpha one three days a week you know what even if you play the outfield three days a week I'll take it you've given me three days let's say he plays a yeah even though let's say four times a week I'll take that if he played four times a week I'm going to go I couldn't let me write that down all right well we'll see some monumental guys and I'm the only guy albeit me in the the only guys are confident yeah I think you are I think you ought to listen to what and the boy born Joe Benigno and yo yo and yeah yeah instead says but the three Stooges I think a lot around David out that's not a favorite out were you a great job and J. J. Joe about your age I remember that nineteen eighty game it was the place about this time ABC was the only coverage and they were ready for there are you know the local news there was no afternoon coverage nothing like today no it's not we heard it on the radio that the USA team one yes the word leaked out and it was and it was on that I think it was on like at midnight or whatever he did was brought by you're probably an ice skating or stop they were showing yeah and the game was the ill just a program that we think the other thing live was the ice skating yeah when I was always but you know like the women's figure skating is always like a huge ratings thing for the Olympics you know and and a drop and it was a Friday night it was the last weekend of the Olympics because the final the gold medal game was Sunday so that probably was the women's final in in in in in figure skating that night and I didn't see it live or close to that rightly right I did not use won't bring a baby car seat until after or whatever that date is where he gains next year service for the Yankees yeah but you know it's a day that I would be concerned about that if you perform you're not gonna have Severino you're not gonna have packs in a rotation you may see Garcia he's got already I mean I'm not put him in the rotation of the performance is not there and Ernie's point right so are you going to see a Michael Caine or Jonathan allies ago like I understand the odds are stacked against Garcia to be that guy but guess what if you will support take it back to people on the last year what people thought the match we gonna keep them down two three four weeks before you can gain that extra year service stop shell hit the ground running that was probably the best move the British band wagon was all last year have a loss on the opening day roster I'm with you because from game one you could tell and you could see the impact that Pete Alonso had on the met team but said the Brooklyn Jimmy out next on hi Jim dot GM Hey guys I don't want the full two two funny stories about the Olympic Games ma holds a lot younger than so it was a lot well I was given a job there are like three or four months before the Olympics are that sent in an application I'm sorry Lake Placid you're talking about what should right okay and the only thing that kept me from going was because I had to make my own way up there and I had to make my own arrangements to get somewhere away choices while I can't do that right now so that's that's why the board and the funny thing about that game that night I was told I was at work and I was anticipating for waiting to get home to watch again because I knew I was on a tape delay yeah yeah and I was at work and the guy gets on loudspeaker working those guys just do yourself just be rusher body whatever it is or what the thing was Shelby you gave the game away and I was frightened I couldn't wait to get home to watch it would you like Jo was Sunday morning I watched that game the gold medal may be for the for the gold medal correct yeah correct it's like eleven o'clock in the morning I remember watching as well yes yes yes I just want to relate that story yeah Hey look I mean it was great I mean look it's forty years ago I mean it's starting when you think about I mean it's hard to believe for me that nineteen eighty is forty years ago what today nineteen eighty I was in a Saudi you got it right now do you guys think opponent was it not you well they are you the shocking under these people now he says that have brought is it is it Mike Mike dinosaur than mine is it like a relic a like a T. rex season I'm gonna find the fossils outside like thirty forty years from now when I was I think that I think I got some fossils and I'm gonna say somebody Faisal's if you go to Astoria if you go there at the Kaufman Astoria studios I'm sure to some fossils of me there I can imagine how about the fact that I'm Michael's does the broadcast that game and you know what I believe in miracles yeah it's the same game two we did not it was al Michaels with the great can ride what a great goalies of all time with the Canadians he was really one of the best ever why is that thanks he got great insight in talking to coach Brooks because our Brooks and Ken Dryden will good buddies so they go for beer okay and he would get all the inside but I'll forty years after the fact the guy is still unbelievable do I want this is what he's wanted best that is all and I love al Michaels to because he's all over the spread is already over on that kind of guy he's overall he's all he's on top of all that I don't like that common more more will broadcast more money legal gambling now come on game changing I mean our day in all life time sooner or later you'll be able to make that's at the stadium at the state you can already if you're in Jersey the are you talking from a technician yeah like golden like inside the stadium you both did what we could do it now with met life gives you go to racetracks right there there you go gamble now one awhile greasy world what a world bulletin in New Brunswick Ravi went south from Robbie what's up guys yeah JJ love you guys you great together having a blast thank you thank you double points I want to make about the Mets first of all job I agree with you completely about yourself but it's pointed out at the border here great second of all second of all I want my dad a couple months ago so she's spent a lot young young that that there's all these other guys but the point he always called in and he always made the same point so make a point for him now the Mets need a leader and I think they finally got that guy in a long walk about someone yes the on the Jersey I yeah I could be wrong about someone who is ready to rally the troops when you're down for June the ninth inning so much to get that base not to start the rally or did rally to guide I believe they got that guide Alonso and I don't think you deserve to see on the Jersey but I think we got the guy and as long as you stay healthy we're going for many many years to come I think I love you guys thank you for taking the call sorry about your father and and and and do all the best to you I I could agree with you more ideologically redeem any speaker eight a year after rookie the face of the franchise values as great and is dominant is Jacob the god wants all because a lot of room every time also is these are very you know he's a very mellow guy he's not a very outspoken guys not very flamboyant at all you know is that like the flamboyance of Syndergaard or anything like that so you're right I do agree to lines all listeners come from god as a root for the New York Mets he I find Pete Alonso very likable and very easy to reform it well they just keep doing what he's doing man yeah I don't expect fifty three all runs again but I expect like you said thirty five thirty eight home runs and be a factor do you have any game out and be that leader Squarepoint great great point within a point pleasant Kenny up next on a family how are you Hey guys so how are you these young Jackie pics pictures Garcia and king in Clark's met to our trusty Garcia do you think the Yankees over hate him a little bit or what which which the P. R. I mean let's be honest I have no idea if you have no idea let's see what David Garcia at some point does in a big league game then you can make the determination if he was over hyped or if he was a guy that was you know worthy and justified the idea being like a top prospect within the system I don't know yet if he's over high tech industry in the big leagues here I know there's some people call on the next page Martinez which you too bye I need to see the guy in the big leagues dominating before we have the pager comparisons I heard the same things about Severino to yeah I know I'm on my way to my office right now the cash five seventy six minus six and a half ticket last night very very nice I don't got lucky but a second half you got the nets depended where you got that number if you've got at six and a half or eight seven F..

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