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Sponsored by American Eagle credit union your home town home loan provider police say officers patrolling the Gilroy garlic festival shot and killed a teenage gun in less than a minute after he opened fire in the crowd a dozen people were hurt several killed investigators say the nineteen no nineteen year old was armed with an assault style rifle they believe he bought in Arizona about three weeks ago Gil white police chief Scott Smith the praise the officers fast response they were out gunned with their hand guns against a rifle are those three officers were able to fatally wound that suspect in the event ended very quickly an Italian judge has moved to keep to American teens accused of murdering a police officer behind bars the judge who wrote the order of holding the custody in a room prison of nineteen year old Finnigan the elder an eighteen year old Gabriel Kristin not tolerate your said the teams were at risk of leaving the country and of reiterating similar crimes the judge also concluded that neither of them understood the seriousness of the consequences of their actions showing an excessive immaturity Sabina castle Franco CBS news Rome Saint Charles the thirties are still advising people to stay away from highway D. from hold road to the eight hundred block of west highway D. police are attempting to arrest suspects wanted for home invasion that happened in Warren County no other information is being released so far an attorney who represents victims of clergy sex abuse as last week's list of accused priests released by the singles archdiocese is incomplete on Friday as you heard on cable lacks the archdiocese released a list of sixty four priest but attorney Nicole Karofsky says there's a larger list with a hundred and fifteen name so I think it's a sensitive first of all it's a sense of providers who are out there in the community knowing that they were sexually abused by a priest is not on the list she says that larger list was compiled that longer list was compiled by the diocese under court order in a twenty fourteen case and has been since sealed by a judge the archdiocese says the longer list as unsubstantiated complaints that were not reviewed by the board of lay people that put together the most recent list you can see that Lestat KMOX dot com okay what's news time to three Dan coats says he's stepping down instructive national intelligence coats one of the few remaining members of president trump's original national security team he has had a tense relationship with the White House over some high profile security threats including from Russia coats leaving office August fifteenth Mr trump says nominate Texas congressman John Radcliffe to replace him CBS news intelligence and national security reporter live yet Gazi says reckless profile is different from anyone else who has held the job virtually every man and they have all been men who have served as a day and I have had extensive either national security military and diplomatic or intelligence experience coat themself had spent three of his sixteen years as a senator on the Senate intelligence committee and it also been a message ambassador to Germany so while Radcliffe appears to have won these rhetorical points with president trump his resume made prove a bit more problematic for the lawmakers who are going to soon be considering his nomination cliff is the brother of the head of explorer St Louis kiddy rack with what she has to say in response coming up in the news at two thirty the Jefferson bank entry at the business desk rather sponsored by Jefferson bank and trust call for the special CD and IRA race member FDIC square moving its workforce to downtown.

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