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Three fifteen sports time once again Chris Villar Tigers at the White Sox in action right now. White socks off to. A big lead Tigers have a chance to do some. Damage, right now a we shall. See they're trying to salvage this four-game split today at home however it hasn't gone well, early they're down five to one with the. Bases loaded in the bottom of the sixth inning. And one out Ronnie Rodriguez up too bad he's left five men on the base paths. Today so far victim Martinez driving in a. Run on the bottom of the sixth as well it hasn't been for lack of opportunity. Today tiger set of loaded in the fourth with Ronald, Reagan's up to bat with. Two outs one one swinging five all, softly into center field angle input sentence back pockets route number, three went to the breaking ball Rodriguez flies out. Softly Tigers load up strand three and. Dickerson and Jim price on ninety seven one the ticket hopefully, this at bat will go better Jordan Zimmermann give four runs of damage in the. Third inning including a two Run, home run to Daniel polka prior to the game Allen trembles. Number retired in front of the home crowd at Comerica park number three mode into the outfield. And hung up on. The brick wall just beyond left centerfield Trammell thanking the. Fans, of Detroit saying he played. For them and giving love to his former teammate Lou Whitaker to play with editor was, an absolute joy nobody in the history of. Baseball played longer in the middle of the diamond. Then and I and without him I wouldn't be here today Trammell also saying that his. Dream is to have Lou enter the hall. Of fame alongside the other Tigers greats and the Northern Trust open is currently owned by. Bryson to Shambo dominating the PGA tours I stop the, postseason currently at seventeen under. Par Shamba leads by four over Australian, Cameron Smith Tony fee now five back at two under par, Tiger Woods finished off his tournament with a final. Round seventy he's currently tied for thirty. Ninth and the Little League World series championship matches just underway, outside of Indianapolis Hawaii taking on South Korea with sports fifteen and forty five past each hour Chris, Villar WW j. NewsRadio nine. Fifty when posting on most jobs sites you get.

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