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Go check the roads and see how things are shaping up as we have had kind of a strange morning when we had some very, very dense fog. A lot of that has Turned off, so we're definitely getting better from that standpoint, the traffic and weather together we do it every 10 minutes. It's Theseus Maru. Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. How are things shaping up front? Yet, Charlie? It certainly has been an interesting mix this morning. We are still dealing with the wet road services and also still some reduced visibility was some of that fog. We didn't have a few incidents. We were clearing a crash. It was reported near the end of the 70 tunnel. Looks like that was minor in nature or moved on its own. It does not seem to be causing any big delays. Sumner looks okay, leaving Logan. The Callahan's find heading over to the airport. Lower deck, and Tobin are okay and not seeing the big delays on the river road southwest of town. The pike is in good shape from Boston all the way out towards Milbury. No delays. Western town now on to 91 90 or 4 95, north of the city, 3, 93 and 95 or okay, heading up towards New Hampshire. We should mention we did have crashed. It was clearing off to the left side for 95 north after Ruth three in shelves furred that sickening problems on the Upper Lawrence of 1 28, and the expressway is fine. This report is sponsored by Zeke. Well, pure Izzy's You have to be up in five hours, two hours and you haven't slept two vics is equal. Pierre sees is a drug free blended botanicals with an optimal dose of melatonin that helps you fall asleep naturally and wake with no next day Grogginess Zeke. Well, pure Izzy's naturally superior sleep, Rob Hackle. I w busies traffic on the threes, AccuWeather forecast. With Dean divorce, calling for some areas of fog to burn off this morning, and by this afternoon, it looks like it will be better. We'll see clouds and even.

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