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About this because my care but the middle tennessee state university we have a building named after nathan bedford forrest use the rotc building and this drives me crazy because i've got so many great students that are not say some of the black students and you know what the confederacy was trying to kill people in the army that they're in that's what it was it was about breaking down this system and people try to try to push off like farce being the grand dragon of the kkk you can't push that off but he was a great general yeah he was a great general if it weren't for him then they lost didn't they so what would you guys to do if you live in tennessee we gotta historical commission here in the state we actually voted him psu to change this fucking buildings name and they stop this your small government republicans in nashville stop the people of my campus from changing the name of something that destroys everything good about the american past and makes brilliant young people feel bad i'm the third great grandson of a confederate soldier all right the great thing about america is not having to be what you're fricking great grandfather was no this my grandfather was conscripted of the confederate army in january of eighteen sixty five by april eighteen sixty five they could not find him because he abandoned like thirty to fifty percent of the confederate army almost half the confederate army was through the civil war before it was over i think it's time we are too that they great place to leave it i want to end on a high note as we do i think it's really inspiring kid like hooper here who cares and his paying attention we saw stacey abrams yesterday in atlanta people came out and responded when they saw what trump is doing at the border you know i think a lot of us feel everyday like the rules of politics have been abandoned but not all of them and enough of the rules are still there that we can win it's inspiring to see how much people have donated over fifteen million dollars went to raises and just the week just just to to help them help people at the border and i think our great challenges how do we turn our anger but also our enthusiasm into votes and i think we can do it and we have to fight every day to do it you have to win the senate seat in tennessee i hope you know there's a lot of debate about whether or not we are going to what is it politically mean that these images are on television but forget the politics of it means we have to win because we have to send a message that this is not the country wannabe and agree with you when people say this is not who we are what we do is exactly who we are every time it's true for people and it's true for a country it is who we are but we have to change we are we have to change the people in power and we have to stop letting them pit working people against each other has been said we have to do whatever some whatever simone has told the dnc and the d triple c and any d organization to do they should just bucking do it all right whatever simone says go that is our show i wanna thank simone sanders lily honest dr benjamin sawyer private auditorium and the city of nashville thank you so much good

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