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Be there. Forget Spike Lee. I wanna be there. Well, we never got because he has. Well, you deserve to be there, too. But the the game in the moment in the atmosphere demands a Spike Lee apparent through, so let's just find a way to get him in the building during those games, If, in fact that happened, he's my Med Cafe for infants Simmons on Freddie Coleman and Freddie and Fitz Simmons on ESPN radio. The ESPN happens exceptional 80. Guarantee that this guy will be your new favorite singer after you hear this story now, this man who Charmaine nameless Peter Clarke. He hosts a weekly concert from a stoop in Brooklyn Heights, New York. Despite the hum of garbage trucks. Car horns and, of course, the occasional drill. He puts on one of the most unique live shows in Brooklyn. He's an opera singer and musical theater performer. He first went out to sing in his buildings Garden last May. It was the same night he was said to make his debut of the Tri Cities Opera in a production of little like music and was postponed due to the A pandemic. He said he didn't want to jump into a pity party, Myron, a neighbor incursion to join the seven PM cheer to celebrate the city's health care workers He brought down his speaker started singing a song from Carmen and ever since then. He has performed 154 alfresco concerts. Wow. That's amazing. That's it. That's one of the feel good stories. We need absolute in a year like this for sure. That's amazing. By the way he did 100 roll took a break because one of the rest his voice anything 54 in a row. Ever since people have been, they said you had their barking dogs in the background of the zoom calls, one of his neighbors said. She says I have the Metropolitan Opera courtesy. Peter King. It's also he is my new favorite singer. By the way, you want to check him out of Brooklyn Heights. He doesn't show every Wednesday. 5 P.m., and if it rains, it's every Friday at 1 29 Hicks Street in Brooklyn, New York, I'm not making that up. This is his address way has a performance each and every Was they might have a great weekend. Brother was good to see you, my friend. You, too, man. Sports it all night comes your way. Next time I met Katherine Freddie Coleman. This has been Freddie and Fitz Simmons on the mighty ESPN radio. Take care. God Bless and Mary. We're.

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