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Customer, Ryanair, saying today that he's optimistic it could happen before the end of the year in the United States, and expects European regulators to allow its returned by early next year. Hurricane Delta has made landfall over the Gulf Coast. The category two storm came ashore near Creole, Louisiana this evening. There are really fears the hurricane could leave a devastating mark on the storm battered Louisiana, just weeks after the same region took a pounding from Hurricane Laura. Meteorologist. Matthew Capuchin is watching this closely for the Washington Post and spoke with comas. Jeff Pooja, first off what makes this one different. Think this one is one of the few that really gives the double whammy. This area saw significant Category four Hurricane Just about five and have six weeks ago. And now we're doing it all again with a high end cat one little tattoo, which you know it's not that of a storm, but you have to keep in mind. There's so much debris on the ground. I'm in Lake Charles right now, and there are mountains of trash and shrapnel. That's out of the road, all left over from the former storm, and now we're doing it all again. These folks really have dealt with a lot every year. The National Hurricane Center creates a list of names to be used for tropical storms and hurricanes. That list of names has long been exhausted. And now they're using the letters of the Greek alphabet. Hence Delta. Why so many storms this year? That is a really good question. Something probably convicted Lee coupled, Kelvin Wave basically picture someone in a stadium doing away. And everyone throws their hands up once and that kind of goes around saving everyone putting down at one same thing happened in the tropics. This batch of rising air went up around the tropics. And as a result, when that came around to the Atlantic de produced a lot of upward motion and that helped generate more storms, And as a result, we were able to get a lot of them. Most haven't been significantly intense with have the exception. Of course, lore was pretty impactful. You say it was strong. We had a few over the open Atlantic like Teddy that were pretty nasty. But most Have been well behaved. This one, of course, the exception, but headland falls in one here. That's remarkable. Has there been any storm season like this in history? 2005. We use the Greek alphabet, but that time around, you know it was just off the charts in terms of the number of strong storms. We saw. Rita was that year Katrina was that year And of course, I remember Katrina strong category that came ashore in Louisiana and death made in New Orleans with a very heavy surge of this summer, and we didn't see as much surgeon you know, affecting the Gulf Coast. But still, it only takes one storm and this one could push ashore. 7 to 11 FT. Storm surge in some areas and isn't there a storm season and and aren't we approaching the end of it? Yeah, start winding down soon. But there's actually another area over the Eastern Atlantic should be a fish storm, but still something that National Hurricane Center and other meteorologist on monitoring right now, not a 20% chance development down the road so Nothing imminent. They're occurring after Delta, but still we can't let her guard down leaves the end of November on Lee, then should we start to breathe a.

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