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Weekend was winding down. There are many who thought based on the shell body works. So far that per Leany may have been the one sure thing over Strom so good on Ryan Stewart in the hawks personnel department for seeing something with an opportunity to cody's weren't giving them or giving him enough time in faith to prove a number three overall pick can live up to that status. Troy it's early. We talked about doing I know in the pre game on Sunday a little bit in terms of some of these acquisitions is STAN Bowman has made, but he has become a perfect number to center on this roster right now and the future seemed to be pretty exciting for him, forty points in forty two games. You really like it's kind of funny when you when you. You know, what comes first chicken or the are you giving ice time? Or do you earn? It works. Both ways. A lot of players that get that opportunity. Take advantage of it. And then they solidify their position in the NHL other players don't take advantage of it. And they say, well, I'm not getting the opportunity. Well, you gotta do something to earn a second shift turn another game. And we've talked about this on the blue line a rotation back there. Somebody's gotta step up and take the bull by the horns and say, I'm not going to be taken out of the lineup swift away that I'm playing on. That's kind of what you're sitting here. And I would assume that Arizona, you don't gauge Strom opportunities. Whether it's in the right situation or not you've got to adapt got to find ways to to impress the people who were putting real care and the ice and coming to Chicago. I think he was given a little bit more leeway a little bit more lenient in in the way that he started to play coming from Arizona's aggressive. We have a lot of faith in him. We made a trade form we're going to give him a chance. We're gonna. You know, use a museum but in some situations if you're a kid in the minors you get called up for one game don't expect to play two games. Don't expect to play two shifts without earning that opportunity to do. So so give stole marks for taking advantage of what he is the given here in Chicago. And he's put himself in a real nice position moving forward in. Nick, schmaltz got tons of ice time over the last year, plus here with the Blackhawks, I think the pro personnel department and seeing you know, what Strom is capable of without that body of work without seeing what schmaltz did or did not do to their liking and marks Nick for going into Zona before he got injured playing really well to you almost like to see is always say you want it to be a win win for both of those teams. That was a lot of ways that was a hockey trade. Now a lotta times you're dealing with campus. You're dealing with salaries not to load something that was a hockey traits to young guys for one another hoping that Spurs something in the right direction. Parini? I've always liked Pearleen struggled to find some lakes here with Chicago. But he's gonna get an opportunity tonight was Stroman debrincat from a couple of big goals Moco. So you never know where that Spurs him onto do bigger and better, and well, we'll we'll we'll TS here that release is on that line with Strom and debrincat as he was the other night as well in San Jose Cam ward, suffered what seems seems like a relatively minor injury during the course of Sunday's game whenever it happened. He played through it. But he'll need a week ten days to get back on the ice meeting. Colin Delia is backed up as the backup to Corey Crawford.

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