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The place that day and weaving in and out and all sorts of that and further back than he wanted to be and somehow got up to dead heat with colonel liam. I still didn't think he got up watching that race. I thought he fell about a half an inch shy but he did get up all things being equal. I thought domestic spending rainy much better race that day. He'll probably be a little bit of a better price than colonel. Liam and you know what. I read ortiz not riding colonel liam tomorrow. I don't know who is but it's not gonna be iran ortiz. I'll put domestic spending on top. Yeah i got domestic spending on top as well The you gotta respect terminally the horse. That i think i want though is underneath. Domestic tomorrow was goof off and because he'll be a little better with the race under his belt off of the layoff from november last night kong. Five and a half months. The google makes another horse. Masterpiece was really good in that allowance. Race that money allowance race last time at keeneland mile and a half was probably too long on the third classic mile. Quarter might be right up his alley race under his belt. See kind of pace scenario. He gets But i like domestic spending as well. I mean if he gets through last time it was funny digital age kind of causal traffic trouble castellanos on digital age kind. A tight attended up a little bit on him. If he gets through there he probably winds and you could say for two or three other times in the race. If domestic spending has a clean the trip he would have got. The money is horse. I've always been high on. I like the rest expanding as well. Use him with gluco. Colonel eum baby a little masterpieces well. Race number ten goes to the great one resorts world casino manhattan. Three hundred three quarters of a million dollars on the line one more break. We'll come back. And we'll tackle the one hundred and fifty third belmont stakes presented by ira bets just like this weekend stakes preview for that our bets here on hr n. And watch the races.

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