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It was a mess. The police at our church is an illegal organization and we can't attend anymore gatherings from now on. Wow. It's one of China's few unofficial house churches left church assemblies at operate without state sanctioned because well they arrest you for doing this. Most of China's Protestant house churches operate underground to avoid attracting official attention and control. But this church openly practised it's faith and they posted their sermons online, and they evangelized on the streets. So yeah, they definitely caught the attention of the government. Yeah. You can't be talking about Jesus in a country where you elect a president for life. Bob FU of China aid, US-based Christian nonprofit organization said the crackdown represents a major escalation of religious persecution in China. And this has been going on for a while. It's not the first there are more than ten thousand cases of detention of Christians this year compared with just over three thousand cases all of last year. So Stephanie escalating in February the religious affairs. Regulation was amended to give grassroots officials more power to act against churches and impose tougher penalties for unauthorized religious gatherings. I mean, really something. And you know, you see them do things like relaxed the restrictions on abortion like forced abortion because you only you were only allowed one child. And now, I think they went to well that was only because they're afraid of zero population growth, they're afraid of negative population growth in China. That's the only reason they did that that wasn't because they're trying to open up freedom to their people. And this is a pretty good indication of that this and what they're doing to the Muslims in China is really important is into this. This is only Wednesday that the China's plan is no longer just the one you said the two, but that's only if one of the parents, I'm sorry. If both of the parents were only children. Weird. That's what was under the new policy. Families could have two children one parent. I'm sorry. If one parent rather than both parents wasn't only child. Okay. So another words if you want more than one child if you want to children you had to be only one of you has to be an only child. Yeah. Okay. Wow. Is that weird? But you know, hey, that's the model. Right. Everybody in the left loves the China model. Look at that, it's capitalism under control, right? Okay. Well. Oh, man. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Also, we have the put that in your pipe Christmas sweater. All yes, we do. Too sweatshirt. Little sweatshirt love it. We also have t shirts caps, every mugs sorts of swag. Whatever you want and. If somebody could top. The worst movie I've ever seen with a worst movie. That you've seen recently or or maybe in years past if you can if you can top or maybe bought them out the story of the Christmas baggage. We will set you up with a put that in your pipe Christmas sweatshirt, one of those or or assured of you choice. Okay. So you get to nail you of your so share your thoughts there. And then take a look at shop dot the blaze dot com. Triple eight nine.

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