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This is her first time running which is. Vantage. It's a very competitive race like this one. But I there was an amazing report our friends of political have the other day about a debate that the two had that was in Spanish describing how Shlala was handling the debate having it translated to mealtime, and it did not seem like it was going well for her purposes it, yeah, I think that this is an example where almost if this any other ear, right? Maybe if this district were a little bit more Republican leaning, maybe if the environment was a little bit more Republican leaning, I think Salazar would be winning here. But I think at the end of the day if you look at the forecast, and what it's trying to tell us is that the district is probably just a little too democrat gleaning the years probably just a little too democratic and social Ayla will whim, but probably not because she's the strongest Candido point out one additional thing is the New York Times poll despite all the hammering that Sheila has faced about being a weekend actu-. Had her her as being a net positive that is favorability rating was on the positive side on the negative side. So maybe this is a little bit of people coming in and saying something about the district and the district voters. Maybe it's just that Salazar's particularly good candidate. Right. And so in some of these other districts states across the country, we've been discussing what are we going to see in terms of Latino turnout in Texas, Nevada, obviously Florida is a different animal with higher Cuban American population. What are you expecting to see on that front in a district like this? I think you know, there are three districts in the southern part of Florida that have a high Cuban American population ones, the twenty fifth one to twenty six to one to twenty seven and Republicans are going to succeed. It will be because they will need a high Cuban-American turn out. They will need a lower turnout from younger Cubans who tend to be more, democratically. And also, you know, it's not like this district doesn't have any other types of Latino Americans Hispanic Americans in. But the Democrats right now are struggling among these Cuban American voters who pulled the lever for Hillary Clinton two years ago. And right now seeing at least they're holding onto what I would call their ancestral republicanism, and if Democrats do fail these districts, it will be because the Cuban American vote came out and came out strongly for the Republicans, whether it be Salazar here Cabello and the twenty six or Mario Diaz Balart in the twenty fifth where I think that he is favourite still despite the fact that that district has also moved a little bit to let but it's more public leaving than either these two, and you mentioned Hillary Clinton. Of course, this is one of the few places where she's viewed by campaign strategist by Democrats is positive and she's been there to help Sheila in this campaign, which also extremely interesting the one place where Hillary Clinton can dare to venture in twenty eighteen. Well, it's it's also possibly good example this race of showing that not all name ID is the same in terms of its strength. So Donncha Leila's, very good name ID with Democrats nationally, maybe even Democrats across Florida, but certainly sows are has incredible name. I d by being on TV for folks who've been watching her there, very long time. So a right. And of course, is that only that sells on TV in south Florida, but she's on Spanish language television. And even in south Florida there only so many of those versus English language television. Where you will have you know, any number of channels? You know, you only have so many down in south Florida. And so she is very well known figure. No one other thing point out is just like the democratic gubernatorial contest in this state. This was a primary that was won with a plurality. It was not one with a majority of the vote and one wonders if Democrats do fact not win this race, whether or not they were hurt by the fact that there were a lot of candidates going up against you Layla. All right after the break. We'll talk about the AirAsia Senate race and governor's race that we've been watching very very closely along with president. I'd states that's up next..

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