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From ever to hit us up with your trash is by tweeting Abby DEA on CBS or dialing me up at 855 to 1 to four, CBS. Either. Jason Pierre Paul is going to have an absolutely monster effort on Sunday, and it's going to lead to a bucket Ears championship. And J. P P. And the rest of this emboldened Buccaneers team that keeps getting more and more belief in itself with every week and every victory is going to look back and say, And we will look back and say the injuries on the Chiefs offensive line was another reason. That this was the bucket here season that this was just a buck's magic carpet. Ride it. I am leaning that way to picking the bucks this season. We're in this game rather because it has felt like this year. Things have just continually broken their way or opened up or they just had a change in their dynamic. And this is another one where the injury Eric Fisher. One of best offensive line on the Chiefs. Offensive linemen of the chief's happened to the A F C title game on a season where they've already lost two other players on the offensive line. Two other starters of the offensive line. Leaving the chief's very vulnerable to a very good pass rush for the Buccaneers. And now to take over. Eric Fisher's place in the line is gonna be Mike Rammer. She's gonna move up from the right side. The left side Well, J P. P was asked about this and says I've never heard of him. I don't even know who my grammars is, and it doesn't really matter. This is the freaking Super Bowl. I don't care who they throw at me. Send me three sent me. Two or three people to block me. I'm just doing what I doing. That's a you problem. You figure it out. I'm coming to play football game. And had some trash talk about how it just doesn't matter what the Chiefs do. He's just gonna come and destroy things and it's either going to go that way. Where we go. Wow. You know what? Is everything broke the The way of the bucket ears. You know that pass interference at the end of the NFC championship game and true breezes armed, basically disintegrating in the divisional round and the NFC East winner being a garbage winner at seven and nine. And then the Super Bowl. It just so happened that this was the season The chief's lost three starters of the offensive line. It just might be that type of thing or the flipside is J P p is gonna get embarrassed or the flip side is that J p p is gonna be completely silenced by backups and no names. And we're gonna be laughing in his face on Sunday, right? That's kind of the only two ways this king go. There is no way that J P P has like a sack and a half in a chief's win. That just will not be the way that this will Either. He's gonna have a sack and a half and a forced fumble. And the Buccaneers defense will be lauded as one of the big reasons that they've got the Vince Lombardi Trophy or Jpp will be held without a tackle and a no name. Unsung bunch of backups totally silenced that pass rush. That's the only two ways of this thing. Can go when we come back here on the show, Danny Amendola..

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