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Paid I get it. Earl must get paid. And let's get paid. We saw a couple of weeks but half a season. And now you're gonna announced two weeks. Now, I'll make my emergence or you're gonna have a parade or we're going to try to at some point. You gotta rise up as a as a group of people come or good don't worry about don't decide when you're going to show up. Get in here and help us. Coming a few weeks. First and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app now targeting the bye week to me seems to make a fair amount of sense for a guy. That's coming back off a span where he hasn't been playing football. And we talked about this the other day with James Winston how you can sit around and prepare as diligently and close to the actual weekly processes you can't, but there's still no substitute for the real thing. And so for Levy on bell. He can be in good shape as he believes he's in he can be doing all the right things while he's been away from the organization, and we don't even know if that's true. We assume it once you get back in the building. And once you get back pads. It's different and having that by week to adjust. I think would be important now what is love EON bell capable of. In a ten game span. Well in Lebanon bells best ten game span in each category and his career he had three hundred touches in a ten game span in two thousand seventeen he had eleven hundred fifty nine rush yards in ten games span from two thousand sixteen to two thousand seventeen he had sixteen hundred and sixteen scrimmage yards in two thousand sixteen in ten games. And he had eleven touchdowns between two thousand fourteen and fifteen in ten games. So he can do a lot. Most importantly, I think for the Steelers team. Help the defense. Because that's where the real struggles been we've all pointed that out. But I think when you look at this free Steelers teamwork and for a lot of them the chiefs last night of the perfect example of this. The chiefs defense is abysmal. If you get them into that sub defense where they've got to put a nickel or dime player on the field. And they put four defensive linemen up front that four down. Spacing you're used to seeing you can essentially run it will on that team. Why the Broncos ever threw a pass when they had them in that sub defense is beyond me. But the Steelers defense hasn't been far behind like this has been a Steelers defense that through four games is putting up some of the worst numbers in franchise history. Most opponent touchdown passes twelve ever. Most total yards allowed sixteen hundred and eighty two ever. Most points allowed one hundred sixteen since nineteen sixty eight and part of that can be the Steelers on offense are incredibly imbalanced. The Steelers are dropping back to pass on seventy three percent of their plays this season. So what is getting levian bell back actually nets? You. Nets. You a guy that can help control that it net. You a guy that on the ground is certainly going to command a ton of attention that could make life easier for Antonio Brown. It's gonna take some of the weight off Ben Rothlisberger that this offense of line. That has been a little beat up that God had starters back on the right side this past game, but we know in the past because of the physical style they play can have some bumps and bruises levian just makes it easier for everyone. And that's what these great players on. The top end. Always do is it takes the weight off. And makes it easier for me to do my job. I don't have to strain. Now, if I'm that offense of line because we've got James contractor who filled in admirably and who had some really good games to start the season. But his worst crime is not being love EON bell, not a difficult thing. But he's being asked to shoulder the load for the first time, and there's just an increase an uptick, mentally when you got a guy back there. That's not going to necessarily be able to make me, right? No matter what the way. Levian bell did in certain instances, and that's not to devalue what that offensive line is done intern for levian. But it's just to say like most great players he can erase a lot of your mistakes. And love belly shown that propensity to that time and time again in his career is a race mistakes around him to make plays and to bring an extra defender down in the box that frees up some of that double coverage on Antonio Brown. To make a big play in that passing game to another guy that can real coverage himself because of how potent he's been as a wide receiver. And it's part of the crux of this whole argument, but to say that levian bell shouldn't be welcome back into this locker. There's not going to be a parade is that going to be some celebration that I can all sing Coon by. They're going to handle their business, and they're going to get back to work because this is the locker room full of pros, and you can say that during the situation some of it hasn't been handled like that. But when it comes down to the business of winning football and doing it in this window. I think everyone involved recognizes that because that's the source of the frustration to begin with straight talk wireless nationwide. Coverage on America's largest most dependable four G L T networks coming up next the Yankees gearing up for the postseason while the jets giants try and pick themselves off the floor of the NFL. Well, head to New York next. It's first and last here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app.

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