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So we should all watch ourselves I do think that this you know this crisis the question is, is this crisis deep and long and thorough enough to actually change behaviors we've had crises over the course of our lifetimes. Major financial crises in various things have gone wrong in a big systems way. So but they didn't last long enough to actually change behavior. You know they weren't deep enough. So we'll see we'll see if this one is I. Really I am optimistic that like the Great Depression, this will be something that we've gone through together and can look back on and remind ourselves. that. This happened that this happens there will be and will be lasting damages and impacts effects that's going to change the makeup of daily life I. I believe that's all going to happen and in a way that's good news I want this to let us change I want. I want us to marinate in this difficulty long enough that we are compelled to change because in. So many ways we were living in a way that wasn't really sustainable. So. Stay tuned we will see but I am. In a weird way, I'm optimistic that the pain is great enough that we will pop out changed, and in this way I am for change I think being changed by life is one of the greatest responses to it ever. BJ. Our show is called nobody told me and we always ask our guests at the end. What is your nobody told me lesson and I know you have so many valuable lessons to pass onto people. But what would you like to say what is it that nobody told you about life or death or a pandemic that you had to learn the hard way and you think would be a really valuable piece of advice for others. While couple one, the mind is probably my favorite shows nobody told me that independence doesn't really exist. Nobody told me that this thing that this vaunted. Of Independence that we all seek as Americans in particular was was. Was a high state that one can approach but never really get to. We always need each other. It's just a matter of degree. The world is not filled with dependent people versus independent people. We are all on that spectrum so. My nobody told me would be the nobody. told me that independence doesn't really exist. I love that I. Love. Naturally we love. Yeah. Yeah, and Bj how can people connect with you and learn more about mental health? Come visit us at mental health dot COM. Or Twitter I..

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