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Committed in Ukraine since Russia began its invasion 7 months ago. A number of attacks we investigated had been carried out without distinguishing between civilians and combatants. This included some attacks with cluster munitions or multi launch rocket system and air strikes in populated areas. Inquiry commissioned chair, Eric mosa, says there is evidence as well of torture, abuse and executions carried out in the settlements his team visited. Ukrainian officials say more than 430 bodies have been exhumed from a mass burial site in the city of isum. Recently liberated in the fighting. An officials say at least 30 of the bodies board visible signs of torture. Residents of four parts of Ukraine held by Russian troops and their allies are voting in elections to annex to Russia, analysts Amanda Paul. He probably believes that by holding these fake and ridiculous referendums. He'll be able to sell the narrative that Russian territory is being attacked by the west. NASA's one way mission to an asteroid comes to a violent end Monday. A spacecraft named dart will zero in on the asteroid Monday, intent on slamming it head on at 14,000 mph, the impact should be just enough to nudge the asteroid into a slightly tighter orbit around its companion space rock, demonstrating that if that asteroid was headed to earth, we would stand a fighting chance of diverting it. Thomas zurbuchen is with NASA. These threats are real, and I think what makes this time special is we can do something about it. Cameras and telescopes will watch the crash, but it will take days or even weeks to find out if it actually changed the orbit. I'm Shelley Adler. This is AP news. There's a new way to watch Ted Lasso and his fictional soccer team. Ed Donahue grabs the controller and checks it out

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