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Pick and roll again behind his back right to left from the foul line jumper good with a foul and a chance of the three point play for Luca's gonna be on your honest reaching him the ESPN Dallas one old 33 FM Luca Don church had 28 points. 13 assists for the mass, but was it enough Lopez straight away back to your honest eight to shoot? Honest against Willie Cauley Stein goes to work a three pointer. It's up. Got it ABC Easy as 123 for the M V P 103 99 bucks. 31 free, honest 1100 wtmj Yana said in a combo with 31 Chris Middleton. He too late threes, The Bucks held off the Mass 1 12 Toe one on nine Milwaukee winning, therefore straight, snapping the Mavs win streak at four. Milwaukee Despite that win 12 of 25 from the free throw line, Yonas going one of 10 from the charity stripe, including missing all seven of his fourth quarter attempts. He did have this on Middleton as the closer on Friday is a good player. No down the stretch. You know when he saw you gotta you gotta get in both. I didn't vote. He wants big moments who wants the big shots and we trust that he's gonna get I play is going to be unbelievable. Unbelievable player me. You want more fully additional night? Four. More likely than not that this will be the last post season that we see from Drew Brees. You look at Tom Brady. Tom Brady again. I know it's a proven nobody. He signed with the Bucks and came in division felt like that was gonna be a team had playoff aspirations.

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