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Francisco Oakland San Jose cumulus stations maybe secretaries firing reaction to impeachment pro on Evan handing the secretary of defense has asked navy secretary Richard Spencer to resign reportedly bypassing the chain of command and going straight to president trump to resolve trumps complains about navy seal Eddie Gallagher Gallagher was convicted of bringing discredit to the armed services and demoted truck overturned the demotion but correspondent Ryan Braun is also hearing other stories one from president trump who says a Spencer was fired in a tweet said that Spencer was fired because of how he handled the Gallagher case overall and because of cost overruns and we got a letter from Spencer himself he says he was fired because of his refusal to follow in order that he dot would violate good order and discipline that was on I think all that is likely referring to the Gallagher case here and and president trump's clearly stated desire to keep Gallagher in the navy seals trump is nominating the ambassador to Norway can brief way to replacement Sir well last week more testimony in the impeachment inquiry this weekend more reaction Democrat Adam Schiff head of the house intelligence committee told CNN's state of the union he knows exactly what trump is all about I have no illusions about Donald Trump doing what's right for the country or what's best for the country that's never been where he's coming from North Dakota Republican congressman Kelley Armstrong told CBS's face the nation that that was not his take on the hearing someone come from a state like mine and you continue to work.

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