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You know, he he was he was always able to accept gay people in the web place. He just couldn't accept his son being guy because it was too close to home and it felt uncomfortable. So that may be really ungrateful. I hung in a minute. If you can be friends people in work and be okay with them. What you can't befriend me. And I'm I'm your son. I mean, okay, then I don't understand what that means for me. And there was a real sense of a real power that this cast, you know. Those report cast. I am on the household. It was really quiet and still fend upsetting. Yeah. Very much. So I just felt like I actually knew what they were thinking they they wonder in how this fits with their faith with you know, with the Muslim or not understanding whether facing with their faith. I did eventually tell my tool to put those men Patel and each of the separately with a girlfriend presence because I was so terrified that they were going to be physically awards that they were going to attack me in some way. But actually their responses, which is really wonderful. I both my older brothers said look you now issue repulsive about this. And I was like well, yeah. And I take them come out with homophobic comments. Plight thrown alive. So. And then they said, well, if anybody starts on you just tell them, we'll we'll beat them up for you. Which is really nice that was their way of letting me know that they still accepted may. And you know, we're okay with me. But again, I could see that they needed some time. But with my older brothers kind of like, they kind of let go of the religious beliefs. Quite young age because I was the youngest. I was still trying to be the favorites parents of thing and be accepted by them. So kind of retaining, you know. Good Muslim boy being a good Muslim Bill. Yeah. That's what it's all about. You know, they were so proud of parade. Amir fronts of the Muslims and saying this is all youngest. And he's, you know, he's really good because he, you know, he praised like, you know, sort of every Friday, and he's mosque every Friday. And he's, you know, this the author I was kind of the golden boys of thing. You know, they didn't speak for the Muslims abou- my older because that they'd seen SUV let them down and terms of not taking on the faith. You know? So how long did it? Take your parents to to come around and flick sept- because nothing is this drought. Now, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. They accept it. Now, it took a long time. I think it's been a real journey for them. I think it's the as an I think is each month went by they big gradually incrementally began to accept it. More and more. They were happy to. They were happy to talk to me about everything except for that. They were happy to help a friends over as long as they didn't know about my friends being gay on are. They said, we don't need to know, if your friends guy, we we just want to know that your friends, and that's and I was like ri- in other words, don't wanna know have got a boyfriend,.

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