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John heinz in those guys they expect a different level this year and they've had that for most of the year but uh i think that they they know they knew going hand in any time we start to fall off we lose one or two in the role we got to get back on the right track so for me i think that they're certainly a why would i think there's some concern within that group i think they are ahead of schedule in terms of their rebuild their which is great news for the devil's but they wanna make the playoffs this year in that room and and that coaching a room and you know upstairs in the general managers box in the ownership group there they missed the playoffs for five years in a row they don't wanna miss again this year so you know i think the key is to get it turned around and started pile up some points again and don't be one of those teams but sit there at the end of the season hoping and praying that you're going to be in all the the reader region to drop four or five really tough last couple of games including saturday afternoon against the islanders were they just look like they just didn't belong on the same ice nine stand mcdonough was banged up in that game didn't play the next day hayes hasn't been one hundred percent you're playing without chris kreider but watching this team lately they just seemed to really lack what it takes to compete with some of the big time teams in this league and speed teams and teams that have big offense of presence so uh what's your level of concern for them again again crowder's not gonna come back anytime soon saw it all the rain or in trouble well again defamed bang it that uh you know point to our premium and you can't afford to get into too much of a uh a losing stretch i think it goes to show you down the rangers had such a very difficult first month of the season and they have really had to really work over you know in november december and early january to get to where they are still they're they're kind of just hanging on.

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