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Who Levi from so it's really important to me that when you do go out and enjoy Go support the small people, his ice cream places. You know things like that where they were used to getting people come in for some traffic, you know, bring an extra 5 10 bucks and go buy something while also enjoying these summer like days. Speaking of business, small business, the S P A is earmarked $28 billion for struggling restaurants with the restaurant Revitalization Fund. But since May, Uncle Sam Has received $65 billion in applications. Tim Petrillo of the restaurant People says it comes as no surprise somebody. Eateries don't even have the staff to keep going. Unemployment is definitely an issue. But I also think that people had to do what they had to do it sound different industries to survive. That money is being distributed as granted will not have to be repaid if it's used by march of 2023 funds will be equal to the amount of revenue loss during the pandemic. Let's stay on business here. A new survey of analysis says the economy is well on the road to recovery and should be for a while. This time last year, the economy looked pretty bleak. But the National Association for Business Economics says, not now, looking better all the time. As we get past Cove, it and more people are getting vaccinated. Name's Holly Wade says. Hiring is on the rise and consumers are spending more freely. But things aren't completely back to normal just yet. Still certainly a lot of challenges that businesses are having. To deal with, but hopefully that does subside as we get further into the year. One issue supply change shortages, which are pushing prices up in some areas. Daria holding our ABC News. Meantime, in New Hampshire, Bull Moose is under fire for its decision to suddenly close. It's Salem store and fire all of the workers. Employees of Bull Moose say they were fired because they disagreed with the company's decision to allow customers to come in. Without a face mask, But the New England chain claims the decision to close that store had nothing at all to do with that. Coming up next at 11 15. The state is getting ever closer to a major goal and it's vaccination efforts. Stay with us to learn more, but let's go back to Tracy Junkie over Bloomberg Business News. What's on your radar this Monday? Lori looks like this year's college grads are starting their careers on better footing than previous classes going back nearly 20 years. One indicator is the number of new grads taking jobs that pay less than $25,000 a year and do not require a college degree. The New York Fed says that in March around 10% of recent grads did so, which is the lowest rate. Says November 2001. Wall Street is starting the day off on the right foot. The Dow is up 208 points. NASDAQ Up 186, the S and P Up 42 points. I'm Tracy Junkie Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio. Local vaccines will have more on that coming up. Also sports right after this.

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