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And he's only lost foles is only lost two playoff games in his NFL career in two thousand thirteen against New Orleans and today against New Orleans heat them off his scheduled. For the New Orleans Saints today, the receiving Michael Thomas and James talked about it all afternoon. Twelve catches one seventy one touchdown short touchdown reception. And he is a I mean he's had a thousand yards receiving every year in the NFL. He's going to the Pro Bowl. He's an all pro first team wide receiver. I mean, this kid is a really does more today. The. Deep score ends a lot deeper patterns. So he was able to do it all and to do it all really well gin add three for forty four. He's been a nice addition, by the way, you don't miss some time with with an injury. He missed ten games with a knee came back late in the season played a little bit. And now he's he's really a part of this offense chimera four for thirty five. And then it was a smattering of catches throughout the lineup. The rushing of the saints which a lot of people talked about going in was formidable Camaro sixteen catches are sixteen Russia's for seventy one yards and those fourth quarter. Yes, I know. I know it when you need the salt the game away event Ingram add nine carries for fifty three. So those guys were running there were receiving and breathes at the very tip of the spear for the New Orleans offense on the eagles side. Smallwood ten carries for thirty-three Dan receiving Jeffrey five for sixty three yards five for fifty golden Tate. You know, who is such a part of. Last week's went in Chicago only caught the ball twice targeted five times only at eighteen yards. Whether they show I have to go back and watch the tape because you can't watch everything why what's going on. But they must have had some pretty successful coverage against because he was not a factor in when you score the game winning touchdown the week before people notice. You're right. Exactly. James now time to select the Geico drive of the game. You know, we are watching the eagle players exit their locker room they showered they put on their coats and ties they're walking with their bags from left to right very slowly down the field. And when the drive of the game occurred it happened very slowly down the field. The saints went eighteen please. Small steps. Ninety two yards eleven minutes and twenty nine seconds. That's almost an entire quarter. Yes. Michael Thomas to DR touchdown reception. And it puts the Sates ahead to stay at seventeen fourteen. They're going to need that next week against the Rams. Listen, the Rams are saying that. The same thing we need our offense to hold the ball..

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