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This episode of Business Wars daily is brought to you by sent pro online from pitney bowes shipping and mailing from your desk is never been simpler than with sent pro online from Pitney Leabeau's. Try It free for thirty days and get a free ten pound scale when you visit P._B._A.. Dot Com Slash V._W.. Daily <music> <music> from wondering I'm David Brown and this is business wars daily on this Thursday August. I do you listen to music or podcast cast in your car a song ends or say this podcast and now while speeding down the highway you have to fumble with your phone to find your next favorite bad idea right will pandora thanks to the popular music services joined the ranks of APPS. You can talk to last week. It enabled a new voice assistant called voice mode like Amazon's Alexa in Google Assistant. You wake it up Activity or time of day like play some music for my workout or maybe play some music from our road trip which is now blessedly hands-free. I tried voice mode out myself curious to know if all of its search is really are customized which Pandora claims. Hey Pandora I said play a podcast and it pulled up the daily from the New York Times whether because it knows I listened to it or podcasts like it or because it was number one on the podcast charts I really can't tell you the company also says voice mode is smart enough to answer questions questions like what song is this. Pandora also claims it can find a podcast using only the guest's name as the clue voice mode which is available to everyone. Everyone using the service is a smart move on Pandora's part. Pandora competes fiercely with spotify the ladder companies the biggest music streaming service in the world by number a number of users according to analysts writing on the website business of APPS and spotify already has a voice assistant but for its premium users only given the competition and with Smart Speaker use on the rise. Pandora's move might be seen as a business necessity rather than just a choice just this year alone. Alone Smart Speaker uses predicted to grow by twenty percent. We're getting more and more used to simply demanding what we want and getting it from our devices but asking asking for music or podcasts isn't the only thing the voice Gurus Pandora have been up to they've also been developing voice enabled ads or in other words advertising. You can talk back to Pandora. Says listeners will be able to respond out loud to calls to action and add asks. If you want more information on a new mobile mobile phone you can say heck yes and get more details or no don't bother me the technology Mary's artificial intelligence with audio interactivity and promises more nuance nuance than just yes or no for brands. The new technology should make audio advertising more measurable more like Digital Ads on the Web Pandora's interactive advertising is still in the lab but when it goes live you can bet it will either give Pandora the competitive edge it badly needs or spotify and apple music will quickly launch similar tools for now. Pandora's new voice mode won't sway spotify one hundred million premium. Customers to switch to Pandora but millions of audio lovers who used the free versions of Pandora and spotify interchangeably might find themselves moving to Pandora to avoid that awkward dangerous fumbled the car from wondering this is business wars daily. If you try out Pandora's voice mode want to call it business Wednesday. Give it a shot pay. Thanks for listening no matter how you find. I'm David Brown back with you tomorrow. This episode is brought to you by send send pro online from Pitney Bowes Shipping and mailing from your desk has never been simpler than with sent pro online from pitney bowes with simple online is just click quick sand and save for as low as four dollars ninety nine cents. That's right four dollars. Ninety nine cents a month. Send envelopes flats packages right from your P._C.. And you are back to business in no time. Try It for free for thirty days and get a free ten pound scale but only when you visit P._b.. A. B. dot com slash B._W..

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Pandora, Pitney Bowes, Spotify discussed on Business Wars Daily

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