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Series of summer events created to attract residents back to its recently improved parts, we get more on that from KYW's. Mike DeNardo, the dance parties exercise sessions and concerts are designed to draw residents back to public areas such as Coopers point water. Her front park and RCA peer that have been updated using millions in investments what we're finding is that even once we completed some of those improvements residents had got so use of staying away from those places that it was hard to really get those back into their routine. The connect the lots series of activities is meant to reconnect residents with those once crime ridden. Areas says Mitch Mitchell vice president of the Cooper's ferry partnership once they get there and see that this place is for them. And it's amazing and safe and has a family activity that then they'll come back. They're on their own resident Andre Jackson likes that concept decided to became the it gives people different something to do every day. Other thinking is having trouble and resident George Davis was leafing through the list of first Friday, dance parties and third Thursday, concerts. There's like five different pages of different things, you can do throughout the summer, and it's all free events begin Friday may seventeenth with the Camden, Mike gardens, featuring aerial performers a car show, and fireworks. Mike DeNardo, KYW NewsRadio. When it comes to mother's day. Hey, no, best second graders seven years old. And they know mom, very well. From traditionalist a lot of diamonds she wants flowers purse or perfume do not so traditional alad say.

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