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Of three opioid drugs for member station w f p l rick hell if reports kentucky attorney general andy bashir says john jason pharmaceuticals and ortho mcneil devised a deceptive marketing scheme to generate higher profits from the opioids dora jesus new center and cinta er allegedly claiming that the drugs were less addictive than the alternatives these companies created a campaign of misinformation designed to mislead patients and doctors about both the severity and the frequency of the risk of addiction of the strong opioids the lawsuit is the fifth filed by kentucky's attorney general in response to the opioid epidemic but companies have denied wrongdoing and say they have taken steps to warn patients about the responsible use of the medications for npr news i'm rick hallett in louisville at last check on wall street the dow was down thirty six points at twenty four thousand seven hundred forty nine the snp is up four points at twenty seven ten and the nasdaq was up sixteen points at seventy to ninety eight from washington this is npr news from kiki weedy news i'm paul land core dozens of new videos released by sacramento police show the aftermath of the fatal shooting of stefan clark an unarmed black man killed by two officers last month cake alex emslie has more the latest release augments helicopter and body camera video the police department made public a few days after the shooting now there's audio of clark's grandfather calling nine one one to report something happening outside his house lot on our.

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