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Lorenzo Cain back with the team after opting out of last season, the Brewers, also in the offseason, acquired Kolten Wong. That should help out Craig Counsell's defense of the things I see this year's. We've essentially added to gold gold defenders to the middle of our defense in Colton and Lorenzo. Um, that's that's very significant, um, toward two are just kind of run prevention. It's incredibly significant out much better we've got we're getting defensively. And from a covert standpoint, the Brewers benefiting has being one of the very few teams in the Cactus League to have an entire complex to themselves. Spread out there's tons of space. Phoenix gives us outdoor space. Way will their workouts it? You know, in the beginning back a little bit so we could take advantage of the war in part of the day so we can eat outside things like that. Position. Players will join pitchers and catchers on Monday of next week. Busy night of basketball, with the Bucks taking on the Toronto Raptors at five, sir Form Milwaukee Looking to stand before game losing streak coverage tonight begins at six o'clock and WTMJ At the very same time the box to take another Raptor. The Badgers will be on the home floor against 11th Rate. Iowa. It's Cold Center times. Six o'clock for the tip. Wisconsin 15 and seven Iowa 15 and six and the Big Story in baseball. John Fernando Tattoos Junior, a 14 year contract extension worth $340 million. He's 22 years old, and he's just not a 14 year contract extension. Now. The amazing thing to me about this whole deal is that the deal will expire in 2034 35. The Mets will still be paying Bobby Bania, a player who hasn't played since $2001.6 million. That is a crazy story. Hey, Greg, One of the big stories around here is your WTMJ cares. I love what you're doing, Teaming up with Children's Heart Foundation. Help with congenital heart defects and kids. This is such an important story. If people want more information, or they want to help you make a difference. What's the easiest way for that to happen? Yeah. I appreciate that. John don't have to do is text the word cares to 85561616 20 will be taken right to our WTMJ cares Page the features that I've been doing, you'll see and hear those And it could also support the foundation. Through that mechanism. Just texting the word cares to 85561616 20 already up to a little under $1000 in just the first couple of days. We'd love to get this to $5000 and all of another story tomorrow, an incredible story of perseverance. And a mother who continues to be inspired by her heart warriors. Fascinating stuff..

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