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What's that angela gray. But are any of these. Kim beauty and the beast bell the circle all my god. The circle love and little women. Meg march end. Okay i don't believe this by the way just going to say i don't believe how big reveal at the that twist you are listening to their weekly call in sherwood. Take your questions comments and concerns at six one nine who them. Let's start with. Comments made a lot of them. Hi lindsay bobby. Meantime median price. I'm listening to friday's episode about favorite food. And i had to call in. Because i was like. What are we talking about. Harry's favorite bar but i realize the nine bars they're famous canadian desert especially on the west coast. It's like a three layer far cookie. They are a cracker crumb and chocolate custard flavored icing. And then there's the chocolate coating on trump. When i moved to the states a few years ago i was super nervous about crossing customs and immigration But the guy customs said that what he actually wanted from me beyond all the immigration forum. Some paperwork we're in the nadal bars to bribe my way into the country I highly recommend checking the champ. But yeah it's not bad so it's the nine is the name only say correctly. Now nanaimo god there's no big there's nothing like finding out how many canadian people listen to this. Podcast like mispronouncing the name of a beloved candy bar. You know what i mean. Do it on purpose. But we did do that. Because thousands of calls just kidding tens of millions of calls came in screaming. How dare you mispronounce our favorite bar. But i did like the ones like that one that were like. Here's what the bar is. And now i'm desperate detriot. I don't know why. I didn't notice this but i was looking through the new york times cooking website because i love their savings have a recipe and it was already in my recipe. Box was saved to my research. Stop very mouth-watering. So i was like ooh look at this photo. Look how good this cross section is and it says that an. I'm bars tremendously sweet. Layered bar from. Canada made from almost exclusively packaged ingredients. Which means it's really easy to make. It only takes thirty minutes to put together. No i'm fucking down. I'm so down. I love it. I can't wait next time. I'm in canada. I'm not making it but next time in canada. That's mom buying high who weekly. i called earlier about Whether seamless fit the second knew what a chicken tender was and i mentioned that I was comparing it against my grandmother. Who is an old stuffy. British woman so It was her ninetieth. Zoom birthday party today so i asked her if she knew the chicken tender was and response was. It's a part of a chicken breast and she says that she had never eaten one but that she had but she knew of them because she had read about them. which helped my thesis that My grandmother and people queen elizabeth. The second don't know about foods that you do not eat with a knife and fork. Yeah cuisine well like if you're stuffy british grim there hasn't like queen elizabeth certainly. Hasn't i thought she was going to say my grandmother had eaten it like. And so that case. But like this was kind of shocking. Twist my stuffy. Grandmother is very condescending. When you bring up a chicken tender someone else called and said sometimes chicken tenders are called a chicken gudgeon which is very fancy way of saying a breaded or fried piece of meat. Gazon in bobby. Some talk of here longtime long time. I'm sure you've gotten a lot of phone calls about this The queen would not know what a chicken tender is. they don't call them in england or in k. to call them Chicken gent's over here so she made eating them. Maybe and her grandchildren made them but none of them would know the phrase chicken tender party anyone in the uk if you walked around the streets of the uk and ask people were chickens injuries. I doubt any van will know what it is. That's not phrase here unless you bumped into someone like me i in american over here You'd be luck. I come to punch you found research that they were traditionally catfish. Yes but it can be any small strip of fish or meat. But i would argue. The queen will definitely eat. Something called chicken google but chicken tenders chicken fingers no absolutely nothing so the most southern thing about me is how much i love catfish. Oh lindsay.

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