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Gonna happen at all. Considering they were going against the Jets. They got so many players out this week with covert testing that they're struggling against the Jets, but they have scored just now to make it 20 to 16 jets 20. Even 16 missed the point after their did Cleveland. Ravens also could use in Miami lost. They didn't get help last night from the Raiders. Action out of a gun takes the handoff. Dobbins goes up the middle and Blake Martinez takes him down as he gets out to the 28 yard line for a gain of three Gods. Defense has been much better in the second half when they were first half. And that's an example right there. Just Limiting the run. Right off the bat. The first drive of this game, the Ravens when eight minutes and 82 yards. And then got a three it out and went five minutes and 65 yards, and there are 14 nothing before the Giants offense had even gotten warmed up. Right now. 27 13 Ravens eight minutes to go way are in the fourth quarter hand off up the left side. Struggling close to get to a first down as Gus Edwards comes up from the pile. Gonna be about a yard to have short with the Ravens won a few teams the NFL when they get to third down. It is 32 or 33. I mean, they still are strong. Fork Liberty to continue to run the ball. Most teams. It's just a passing situation all the way around. Excellent use of the word proclivity. From you, The Duke graduate here in the booth. It's a third down and bet on a yard and a half. That's in honor of Daniel Jones. Today. There we go. Another duty take handoff. Jackson leaps over a blocker tried to run and he got stifled. No gain on the play, and the Giants defense makes a stand. The Ravens gonna have to punt. It was a good state. They really.

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